Ministering to those forgotten by society has always been a hallmark of this ministry. Bringing help to those in need right where they are, House of Mercy puts feet to their faith to reach out to these souls in ways they need it most. Besides serving meals and distributing clothing on the streets, House of Mercy hosts church services and Bible studies in state-run shelters. Our partners’ giving helps demonstrates God’s affectionate care to the downtrodden by meeting the needs of this life and the life to come!

This distinguished ministry of compassion is restoring a sense of purpose and destiny to children whose futures would otherwise be stolen. Since it began, House of Mercy has housed and raised hundreds of orphaned children, giving them love, security, the warmth of family, and a second chance at life! This outreach is so effective and well-known that it has even been recognized by the mayor of Moscow at an awards ceremony at the Kremlin!

THANK YOU for everything you do to help us reach people in this part of the world with the compassion of Christ.