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    Take a Tour With Rick: Thyatira and Sardis

    How did believers in the First Century survive the intense persecution that was waged against them? What kind of persecution did they endure? And how does all of this relate to Christians today?

    In this series, Take a Tour With Rick: Thyatira and Sardis, Rick Renner walks you through the ancient ruins of Thyatira and Sardis and opens history and the Scripture to you in a way that makes it come alive. He discusses:

    • How the Gospel first came to these cities.
    • How early Christians paid a high price for their faith.
    • What kind of opposition early Christians faced.


    * Images used in these programs have been used with special permission or through a paid license. Please direct general questions regarding attributions or copyright information to Thank you!


    *     No study guide available for this series

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