Hello, Friend!

In my last several letters, I’ve mentioned how near and dear the subject of healing is to me. So much so that God placed it on my heart to write a book about His desire to heal, and, more importantly, His desire to heal YOU! I’m excited to announce that my new book Jesus Is Your Healer is now available at renner.org.

I’ve shared excerpts from Jesus Is Your Healer with you over the past several months, and I will share even more insights from my book in this very letter. But this Holy Spirit-inspired book contains more information than can fit in just one letter! You will often refer to Jesus Is Your Healer and share the good news of this miracle-working power with your family and friends. It can and will change your life! I pray you will continually be blessed by the wisdom found within the pages of my new book and in my letters.

Be assured, Jesus is your Healer and He has a miracle just for you. Since Jesus was a Miracle Worker 2,000 years ago, He is still a Miracle Worker today. He’s not just the One you read about in the Bible who healed people. Jesus is your Miracle Worker because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (see Hebrews 13:8)!

A miracle is something that happens instantly. In one moment, the natural circumstances are what they are — but then something supernatural happens, and everything is completely different in the next moment.

God performed miracles in the Old Testament and Jesus performed many miracles in His 33 years on Earth. Today, you can see all around us how sickness and disease steal from our lives. But Jesus’ miracle-working power reverses sickness and disease and gives us our lives back! Oh, what a wonderful Savior!

Testimonies of the Miracle-Working Power of God

I remember a doctor saying to me, “If you leave that physical issue alone and don’t do anything about it, it will just get worse.” That is the course of nature, but a miracle happens when the power of God interrupts the course of nature!

My own husband Rick experienced a great miracle that interrupted the course of nature when he was just a young teenager and new to the things of the Spirit. Rick was born with his kidneys conjoined (sometimes called “horseshoe kidneys”) and situated on only one side of his body. This was beginning to cause young Rick physical problems. But he went to a church meeting where the Word of God was being preached and the power of God was moving — and everything changed in a moment!

During the meeting, Rick answered the minister’s invitation to come forward and have hands laid on him. Rick didn’t say anything to the minister, but God knew his condition. The minister simply touched him, and immediately the power of God went through his kidneys and recreated them. In an instant, Rick’s kidneys became completely normal! From that moment on, Rick has had two healthy kidneys!

I’ve told you about my testimony about my face many times. For 13 years I suffered with that skin disease, going from doctor to doctor, being rejected and made fun of by my peers, and suffering continual pain and embarrassment. But one night, I went to bed just as I had done for 13 years, and when I woke up the next morning, a miracle had happened in the night and my face was completely healed. That is the miracle-working power of God!

I remember one woman in our church who suffered an injury at birth, and she couldn’t stand straight. During a church meeting, there suddenly came a word of knowledge about God straightening out someone’s legs. At that moment, the Spirit of God touched that woman’s hip, and she was immediately healed! Her life had been one way for 30 years. But in one moment, her life changed to another way as she stood straight and tall and healed, praising the Lord!

I also remember a friend who was really suffering from COVID. The medical staff was about to put him on a ventilator, and he was waiting in his hospital room. Suddenly a cool breeze came into that room, and the power of God touched that man. He went home from the hospital the very next day — miraculously healed!

It’s Time for Your Miracle!

Again, I want to stress to you that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power is extended to you right now. Jesus walked the earth as the express image of the Father. Everything we see Jesus doing in the gospels was an expression of the Father’s heart.

Through Jesus’ beating, crucifixion, and death, He continued to express the will of the Father. Jesus carried blindness on the Cross. He carried cancer on the Cross. He carried heart problems on the Cross. He carried skin problems on the Cross. He carried every disease known to man on the Cross so that He could bring your miracle to you! That is His will for you right now as you read these words.

What do you need from God? Do you need His healing power to touch your body? His power is right there with you right now. Just put your hand on your body where you need His healing touch and receive it by faith!

Oh, I urge you to reach out to Jesus and receive His power for your healing right now! Believe Him for whatever you need! Healing, peace, freedom — all of this is Jesus’ heart for you. That is His love for you. As He suffered on the Cross, He took upon Himself whatever condition, sickness, or struggle you are dealing with.

You can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus not only can heal you, but He absolutely wants to heal you. He is a miracle-working God, and He has a miracle for you!

My friend, it always thrills my heart that you invite me to spend this time with you. I want to remind you that you can find even more truths about God’s provision of healing in my book Jesus Is Your Healer, which is now available. I also want to let you know I will be in the Tulsa area for a Women’s Meeting on Friday, February 16 at 7:00 p.m. CT. We will meet at the Abiding Harvest Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, so be sure to gather your girlfriends and join us for this special evening of ministry and miracles. You can go to RENNER.org and scroll down to Speaking Schedule for more information. I hope I will see you there!

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We are moving forward together,

Denise Renner