Wiles, devil, devices, strongholds and oppression. If you know these five words and how they inner connect, you will know how the devil attacks in the majority of cases. The devil operates on a road — and he’s headed straight for your mind. He will pound your brain, trying to penetrate it. The objective is to “scramble” your brains and get you to believe a lie. If he can get you to believe a lie, he will build a stronghold in your mind. From that place, he will oppress your life, steal your joy, and rob you of your dreams. But that does not have to be you! The power of God will liberate you if you will make the decision to stop listening to the lie and start listening to the truth. The truth will make you free and what you hear will become your reality. Tune in to tonight’s Home Group and discover for yourself how the devil operates and how to stand against it!

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