There are two kinds of peace: There is peace “with” God, and there is the peace “of” God. When you become a Christian, according to Ephesians 2, you have peace with God. That means the battle is finished, you have surrendered, Jesus is Lord, and the enmity — the battle between you and God — is rendered inactive and is put away. When you make Jesus the Lord of your life, you immediately have peace with God. But there’s a second kind of peace, and that’s the peace OF God. Many Christians have peace WITH God, but they don’t know the peace OF God. You can have peace with God but not have peace in your daily life. The peace of God is a “keeping peace.” It is a supernatural peace that keeps you in the middle of difficult situations and empowers you to continue advancing even in spite of opposition. And that’s where the “shoes of peace” in Ephesians 6 come into the picture! Tune in to tonight’s Home Group to find out more!

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