In the garden, God told Adam to dress it and to keep it. The word keep means to protect. If God told Adam to protect it, then we know there was someone on the outside that was trying to work their way to the inside. Adam was so good at protecting the garden that the devil had to look for another way to get in and he used the serpent. The serpent was a beast of the field, not the garden. But he had access to the garden. He could go in and out of the garden. So the serpent became the instrument to get to Adam. The exact same thing happened in the ministry of Jesus. The devil had to find someone who had access to Jesus and that was Judas Iscariot. We need to keep our eyes wide open. The devil is looking for someone who has access to you. But keep in mind, we don’t fight against flesh and blood. Very often the person that has access to us doesn’t even know they are pushing our buttons. So, the access point could be more about us than it is about someone else. If we stay close to the Lord, He will show exactly where that access point is so we can make an adjustment and close the door. Tune into tonight’s Home Group it may prove to be just the nugget of wisdom you need to overcome in your situation.