On tonight’s Home Group, we will deal with three pieces of armor: the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit, and the lance of intercession. When Paul said to take the helmet of salvation in Ephesians 6:17, he was referring to our being “indoctrinated” with everything salvation includes and to have it wrapped around our head like a helmet so we know what belongs to us in Christ. Next, Paul described the sword of the Spirit. This is a rhema word, or a quickened word, and it is for close-contact contests and encounters with the enemy. If we will stay in close communion with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, the Spirit will supply a rhema word just at the right time for what you are going through. Then, last, the lance is used to deal with the enemy at a distance. The Holy Spirit will alert us to the fact the enemy is on the horizon. And if we will yield to the Lord and do the work of intercessory supplication, we can literally hurl that lance and do such damage to the enemy that he will never even make it up close. Tune in for more about these important weapons!