The purpose of the Roman shield was for protection, and to enable the soldier to advance. However, because it was covered with leather, it could become brittle. The only way his shield would not dry and become brittle was if he anointed it with oil every morning. So every morning he would take a vile of oil and he would begin to anoint his shield by pressing the oil into the hyde over and over again fully saturating the leather with oil. Your faith needs a constant, new anointing of the Holy Ghost. The good news is, Psalm 92:10 says, “Anoint me with fresh oil!” There’s always a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. If you’re trying to use an old faith, if you’ve not had the anointing of the Holy Spirit applied to your faith for years, probably your faith is brittle. You need a new anointing of the Holy Spirit on your faith. If we want our faith to remain alive and active, we have to be intentional about submitting it to the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Find out more on tonight’s Home Group!

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