That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.
— 2 Timothy 3:17

When I was growing up, my father loved to go fishing. As the years passed and his love for fishing grew more intense, he purchased himself a boat so he could go to the lake and fish at any location he wished. I remember his first boat well. It was just a plain, simple,  ordinary boat with nothing but a very small motor and two wooden oars for rowing just in case the motor stopped working.

Like most serious fishermen, my dad wasn’t content with that beginner’s boat very long! He had to have something better, nicer, and more seriously equipped. Soon he swapped his simple boat for a rig that was completely decked out with every imaginable device. It had a huge motor, a trolling motor, a depth-finder, a computerized temperature gauge, and a sophisticated fish locator. Even the anchor was operated by a special electric motor. He finally had the boat of his dreams, loaded with everything he ever could have imagined having on his fishing boat. What an improvement this was from that first very simple, basic boat he had started out with when he first took up fishing as a sport!

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bookmark2Well, believe it or not, when the apostle Paul describes what the Word of God does in our lives in Second Timothy 3:16 and 17, he uses a Greek word that describes a well-decked boat like Dad’s boat. These verses say, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”

I want you to notice the phrase “thoroughly furnished” in verse 17. This phrase contains a “gem” that reveals what God’s Word can do if you give it top priority in your life. You’re about to discover that there is no replacement for what God’s Word can do in you and for you!

The phrase “thoroughly furnished” is from the Greek word exartidzo, which means to completely deck out or to fully supply. It was used to depict a ship that had previously been ill-equipped for traveling; but because its owner had decked it out with new equipment and gear, this ship had become thoroughly furnished to sail anywhere in the world. This boat was fully supplied, completely equipped, or thoroughly furnished.

Paul uses this word to tell us that we are not prepared to set sail in life until the Word of God has done its work in our hearts and souls. When we first come to Jesus, we are like the first boat — just beginners who hardly know enough to get by in life. Yes, we’re saved and on the way to Heaven, but we haven’t had enough of the Word placed into us to fully equip us for sailing through all kinds of weather.

You can be sure that you will encounter all kinds of weather in your journey through life — including strong storms. Therefore, if you’re going to make it all the way to your destination, you will need all the equipment and gear you can get!

Paul’s words in Second Timothy 3:17 could be interpreted to mean:

“That the man of God may be perfect — completely outfitted and fully supplied, decked out, furnished, and equipped unto all good works.”

You see, when a believer never reads the Word of God, never meditates on the truths of the Word, and doesn’t regularly renew his mind with the Word of God, he is like a simple boat that isn’t equipped for long-distance sailing. He might be able to make it across a little lake; however, in order to victoriously make it across the sea of life and through all the storms he will encounter along the way, he will need major equipment!

That equipment is imparted to a believer when the Word becomes an integral part of his life. God’s Word working inside his heart and mind actually outfits him, decks him out, equips him, or furnishes him with all the spiritual gear he needs to take the adventurous trip God has planned for his life. With God’s Word fitted tightly in place, that believer is ready to set sail and follow wherever the Holy Spirit leads!

So we have a choice. If we choose to not make God’s Word a priority in our lives, we are still headed to Heaven, but we’re like that first simple, plain, basic boat. In other words, we’re just believers who have only enough spiritual equipment to make it across the little lakes of life. On the other hand, if we choose to take God’s Word deeply into our minds and hearts and then apply it to our lives, that Word will release its supernatural power to transform us from simple, basic believers to super-believers — endowed with everything needed to successfully make the long-distance journey the Holy Spirit has planned for our lives!

So how far do you want to go in life? Your answer will determine how deeply you need to take God’s Word into your heart and mind. If you’re just in this for a little jaunt across a lake, you will be satisfied with a low level of God’s Word in your life. But if you’re planning to take a long, adventurous, exciting faith journey, you better dive into the Word of God. As you do, that anointed Word will deck you out with all the provisions you need to make it all the way to your destination!

sparking gems from the greek

My Prayer for Today

Lord, I thank You for loving me so much that You would give Your Word to equip me for life. I realize that all the answers I need are found in Your Word. I have often complained that I needed more power and wisdom. But the truth is, everything I need is in Your Word. Help me to diligently read my Bible, take it deeply into my heart and soul, and apply it to my life. As I do so, I ask that it would supernaturally release its divine power to transform me from being a simple, basic believer to becoming one who is super-equipped for life!

I pray this in Jesus’ name!

sparking gems from the greek

My Confession for Today

I confess that God’s Word has a central place in my life. I regularly read God’s Word and meditate on its truths; therefore, my mind is being renewed with the Word day by day. As a result, that Word decks me out — equipping, outfitting, and furnishing me with all the spiritual gear I need to take the adventurous trip God has planned for my life. With God’s Word fitted tightly in place, I am ready to set sail and follow wherever the Holy Spirit leads!

I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!

sparking gems from the greek

Questions to Answer

1. If you were to appraise your spiritual condition today, would you say you are a simple, basic, unequipped believer, or would you deem yourself well-furnished and excellently equipped in a spiritual sense?

2. In order for you to become spiritually well-equipped, what do you need to start doing that you are not doing right now?

3. If you continue to do exactly what you are doing right now in your spiritual life, how far do you think you are prepared to sail? Are you sufficiently supplied to do anything God asks you to do or to go anywhere He wants to send you?