Ecclesiastes 11:1 says:

“Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.”

Great verse, isn’t it? However, many people don’t understand its meaning. Often people donate their money generously but then they are disappointed when they don’t see a financial breakthrough in their lives. They may wait years and years for this breakthrough that doesn’t ever come. Discouraged, many people simply cease to be obedient to God in their tithes and offerings.

Why does this happen?


To better understand this verse, let’s imagine the Nile River in Egypt. Like any river, the Nile has a source — the narrowest and most elevated place. Suppose this is where we made a raft on which we loaded our bread and released it along the waters of the Nile. But what do we do after the bread has been let loose in the waters? When and where will it return to us?

Logically, can a raft return to you in the same place you let it go on the river? No, it can’t. But for some reason, many believers are convinced that if you let go of “your bread upon the waters,” then you just need to wait until it returns. This is precisely the reason for their subsequent disappointments! And if you regularly sow into the Kingdom of God and a financial breakthrough does not come, most likely you are still at this “source” of the river of God’s blessings.


What should you do, you ask? The answer is quite simple: you need to start moving and acting. The Nile, like many other rivers, has a delta or spill site. It’s in this place that we can expect God to bring us our bread, and it’s in this delta that we should strive to see the supernatural result we’re waiting for. Perhaps it will be a new job, new acquaintances, or a ministry with which God wants to bless you.

If you are expecting to find the bread that you let go of on the waters, I encourage you to pray today and start moving into the “delta” of the river of God’s blessings to find it. In prayer, ask God to show you the way and believe that He will answer!