At the end of a year and the beginning of the next, many people think about what changes they need to make to their lives. Although most people really want to make these changes, sadly, many others will not follow through by taking the appropriate actions. Without firm intention and a plan of action to achieve the desired results, they are unlikely to see change, and the result will be a feeling of frustration.

However, the opposite is also true. If you are determined to change something in your life, and you set goals, devote time to it and try your best to achieve the desired result, then you have the right to expect success and rewards for your efforts (see Second Timothy 2:6). You may have to work hard — really hard. And you may even experience a set-back or two. But, if you are diligent and keep your eye on the goal, you will be rewarded with the desired results.

There is an important truth contained in Galatians 6:9: “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” Each seed has its own specific time to germinate and bear fruit. It is important to understand that after sowing a seed (or establishing a goal), there will be a season of growth where resolve and patience is needed before you see the fruit.

I tried growing corn as a child. Shortly after I planted it, I dug up the seeds to see if there had been any growth. If I had exercised faith and patience and had simply tended to the seeds I’d planted instead of digging them up, I would have tasted the fruits of my labors. But because of my impatience, I personally deprived myself of the harvest. I want to challenge you to tend to the seeds you have sown and patiently wait for the fruit to ripen. If you are resolved and patient, the harvest will certainly take place — at the proper time, it will occur!


Paul said that we will reap a harvest “if we do not grow weary.” The word “if” indicates that we can destroy our crop, as I, myself, ruined the future corn crop — twice. Paul wrote to help us understand: our firmness and refusal to give up, whatever the reason, are of great importance if we want to see the fruits of our labor. If we grow weak or give up, we jeopardize the possibility of obtaining the long-awaited harvest.


The word “weary” comes from the Greek word ekluo derived from the words ek, meaning from, and luo which means to weaken, or to relax. As a whole, ekluo means to become weak. It describes a relaxed mental state that can lead to loss and refers to a person who is so tired that he gives up and therefore loses what he had been waiting for and that which he was about to receive. He does not achieve the desired result, even though he was so close to obtaining it. The pressure exerted on this man “flattened” him, his grip loosened and the fruits that he had hoped to receive slipped through his fingers.

Weakness is the main reason one gives up. Paul, therefore, exhorts us not to give up during periods of spiritual, mental or physical exhaustion.


This is truly an exciting process: sow the seeds of faith, then wait for the fruits to appear and see how faith begins to manifest and bear fruit. But in order to reach this moment, you will have to hold on tightly to what God has said and remember the following. Your seed — whether it is the seed of God’s Word, a financial seed or a seed of good, useful deeds done for someone — has a predetermined time of germination, and it will certainly bear fruit if you do not stop this process in any way. Hold on to the end and you are guaranteed to reap the fruits of the seeds you planted!


It often happens that a person sows financial seeds or the seeds of good deeds but gives up prematurely because he is tired or impatient. He tries to obey God but feels overwhelmed. Or perhaps circumstances beyond his control turn against him. Or someone treated him unfairly. Maybe you are ready to give up because you are tired of waiting. I urge you to remember Galatians 6:9 — do not grow weary and do not loosen your grip because your harvest is assured if you do not give up. Be determined. The waiting period will eventually come to an end, and you will reap the harvest! This may not happen on your time-table, but do not dig up the seeds and do not pick the cobs too soon. The seeds that were sown will bear fruit in due time; and God promises that the fruits will surely be good.


I do not know what kind of harvest you are expecting in this season of your life. Maybe you have sown seed for improvement in your financial situation, a new or deeper relationship with someone, physical or emotional healing, or even restoration in every area of ​​your life. And if you feel the waiting time for the much-anticipated fruit has dragged out, I want to assure you — God’s Word is absolutely true and His promises are unchanging and eternal. I urge you to remain steadfast and thank God for the future harvest. If you do not give up, you will certainly receive the harvest. It is already ripening especially for you.