Editor’s Note: Joel Renner is the CEO of RENNER Ministries. Alongside his father, Joel has actively participated for many years in nearly every facet of the daily operations of the ministry. Joel resides in Moscow, Russia, with his wife and two sons.

The Gospel in the Marketplace

The Gospel is so very powerful. Many people think that the Gospel is meant to be spoken about only in the church. They think, We should leave that for the preacher. But, my friend, the Gospel is meant to be spoken about anywhere and at any time to a person who is open to hear about Jesus.

We have to trust that the Gospel will change a person’s life, and we must understand it is our job to tell people about Jesus — be it at the bus stop, in the grocery store, in the tag-agency line, or at work. If you feel that the person you are next to is looking for answers and is open to hearing about the Gospel, take that opportunity to seed the Gospel into his or her life.

Once when I was a child, I was getting a haircut, and I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to tell the stylist these words, “Everything will be okay.” I didn’t know this person, so who was I to tell her that “everything will be okay”? But after the haircut, I told her those words and then I got up and went to the car. When my parents went to pay for the haircut, this woman started to tell my parents how those few words were what she needed to hear. She had just gone through a divorce, and she didn’t know if everything would be okay. But the words the Holy Spirit gave me opened that lady’s heart up to hear the Gospel.

Let’s be open to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say, be bold enough to say it, and trust that the Gospel will do its work in people’s lives.

God bless,

Joel Renner