Dear Friends,

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus!

I am sitting in our home in Moscow, thanking God for the many amazing reports I heard yesterday — I’m talking about testimonies upon testimonies from people who wrote to let me know how God has worked in their lives through RENNER Ministries.
I can’t express how thankful I am that God would use us to touch lives. It is amazing to me to see what He has done, and I acknowledge it is due to His grace. But it’s also due to you, because your giving is what has enabled us to take this ministry to people around the world. That is why I sincerely mean it when I call you a “partner” with our ministry. You have a real part in what we are doing because your financial gifts put gas in the tank so we can take the Word of God to those who are praying for teaching they can trust.
Since returning from our visit in the United States, I’ve been in the TV studio nearly nonstop to work on several upcoming new series. For example, I did a 15-part series on The Will of God, a 5-part series on The Ministry of the Holy Spirit for the New and Mature Believer, and another 5-part series called Speaking in Tongues: What It Is and Is It Really for Everyone? I truly poured my heart into these series. Please pray with me that God will use them to answer questions and bring strength into people’s lives.
I’m also so thankful that in August we will be releasing my newest book Fallen Angels, Giants, Monsters, and the World Before the Flood. I worked very hard on this book — as did several others who worked on it with me — so we could bring you solid insight about events that happened in the world before the Flood.
In Matthew 24:37, Jesus said that what was happening just before the Flood would be replicated before His next coming, so we need to know what was transpiring then and what we can expect to see in the days between now and Jesus’ return. Fallen Angels, Giants, Monsters, and the World Before the Flood dives deep into the days of Noah to reveal the urgent message to us today. It is fully illustrated with more than 300 photos and other images. We also included many photos of the actual ruins of Noah’s Ark as it is seen today lying on the lower slopes of the Ararat mountain range.
I believe you are going to love this captivating book! And starting this month through the end of July, this new book is being offered to our ministry friends and partners at a pre-sale discount. If you would like a copy (or several copies) of Fallen Angels, Giants, Monsters, and the World Before the Flood, please refer to the enclosed insert for information on how to place your order.
This year, I’ve been writing to you about the prophetic word the Holy Spirit gave me for our friends and partners for the year 2024. Here it is again.
The year 2024 will be visited with turbulent episodes across the entire globe, especially in the realms of finances and politics and in the nations. These episodes will be of a sort that they will potentially cause those who are not rooted in God’s Word to be deeply disturbed. But for those who stay in faith…stay in peace…stay in love…stay in fellowship…and keep sowing seed for the sake of eternity — they will experience a supernatural power that will cause them to be unmoved, unshaken, well provided for, and to walk in a much-needed divine assurance, divine peace, divine power, and divine and supernatural victory. Yes, those who stay in faith, in peace, in love, in fellowship, and keep sowing seed for the sake of eternity will be blessed, empowered, joy-filled, and sustained, and they will miraculously thrive even if the world around them is tossed with a tempest.
I want to draw to your attention that the Holy Spirit said this blessing belongs to those who:

  • stay in faith…
  • stay in peace…
  • stay in love…
  • stay in fellowship…
  • keep sowing seed for the sake of eternity.

Those who maintain their faith, peace, and love, stay in fellowship with the saints, and continue sowing seed into the Kingdom will experience a supernatural power that will cause them to be unmoved, unshaken, and well provided for — and they will have a much-needed divine assurance, peace, power, and supernatural victory!
In my first four monthly teaching letters this year, I covered what it means to stay in faith, stay in peace, stay in love, and stay in fellowship. (You can review those teachings on our website at But today I want to focus on the part of this prophetic word that is about the need to “keep sowing seed for the sake of eternity” — especially during turbulent times.

What It Means To Keep Sowing Seed for the Sake of Eternity

Many people struggle in the realm of faith in the area of finances, especially when they’re going through challenging times. Financial stress is one of the most difficult pressures that can be experienced in life. If you’ve ever experienced the stress that comes from financial pressure, you know how difficult it is when you are so strapped that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills. But I want to tell you — God is always faithful! If we will continue to trust Him and His eternal Word as we sow, He will see to it that we reap a harvest from the financial seed we planted.

Not only must we remember that God is always faithful, we must never forget that if we stop sowing our financial seed into ministries that are touching the world, it will affect their ability to do their ministry and reach people with the saving message of Jesus and the trusted teaching of the Word of God. Oh, how vital it is that we never forget that eternity really is eternal. The seed we sow affects the ability to reach those who need to be saved, and if we stop sowing our seed, it may mean the light that has been shining into the lives of some people will stop shining.

But if you are living for God by walking in holiness, doing what the Holy Spirit has told you to do with your life, and sowing your financial seed into the soil of God’s Kingdom — regardless of what is happening in the economy or what kind of turbulence can be felt in the world around you — you are promised a harvest to meet the needs in your own life.

Here is the promise in Galatians 6:7: “…Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” This law of sowing and reaping works for everyone in the world. What you sow is exactly what you are going to reap. It may take a while, but harvest day is coming if you’ve been planting seeds along the way. So if you’re not already a sower, decide to become a sower immediately — and start sowing those seeds today! This is a law of God that always works.

But what should you do if the devil is assailing you in the realm of your finances? I’m talking about times when you’ve done everything you know to do, but you are still being financially hassled.

During times when my family or our ministry experiences a financial shortage, we always evaluate several areas to see if we are doing anything that would hinder us from receiving the resources God wants to give us. In such moments, I always carefully examine my own heart, and I ask myself the following questions:

  • Am I harboring any unforgiveness that would block me from receiving God’s blessing in my life?
  • Am I walking in holiness before the Lord, or am I allowing any sinful thoughts or actions to have a place in me that would block me from receiving from the Lord?
  • Am I doing what God has told me to do with my life, or am I disregarding His instructions and going my own way instead?
  • Am I being faithful to sow my tithes and offerings into the Kingdom of God, or have I gotten behind in my giving or forgotten to sow a seed that the Spirit of God told me to sow?
  • Am I under attack because the devil is against my dream or my mission and is therefore trying to turn off the valve of blessing so that I become drained of what I need to fulfill the assignment God gave me?

If I am at peace and sure that I have done nothing to hinder God’s blessings from flowing into my life or ministry, I then proceed to deal with these shortfalls as devilish attacks. I take authority over the devil and tell him to take his hands off my finances. I press deep in prayer until I know inwardly that the blockage has been removed. Often I have literally felt that barrier move out of the way as the Spirit of God shoves it aside and makes an avenue for His blessings to flow into my life and ministry. When this occurs, it is never long before we begin to see a manifestation of God’s blessings.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts and tells us that we need to sow an extra, sacrificial financial seed into someone else’s ministry in order to break the stranglehold the devil is trying to put on us. For instance, once when we needed a new building and were desperate to find the money to pay for it, the Holy Spirit instructed us to sow a seed into someone else’s building project. “If you have a need, sow a seed” is the message I always share with our friends and partners.

So at that time when we had a great financial need, we knew it was time for us to sow an extra large gift into someone else’s building program. Although the amount of money was huge to us at the moment, we knew that sowing that seed was essential if we were going to experience the financial breakthrough we needed for our own building. After we sowed that seed, it wasn’t long before doors began to supernaturally open and the facility we needed became available to us.

You see, sometimes you have to do something that requires extra faith in order to break the vice-like grip the devil is trying to put on you. That extra sacrificial gift the Holy Spirit tells you to give may be the very act of faith that releases the power needed to rip the devil’s hands off your situation. Could it be that this is what you need to do right now in order to make a bold stand of faith?

In Galatians 6:9 the apostle Paul continued to say, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Do you see the word “weary” in this verse? It comes from the Greek word egkakao, which is a compound of the words en and kakos. The word en means in, and the word kakos describes something that is evil or bad. When these two words are used together, as in this verse, the new word means to grow weary; to give in to evil; or to let something bad defeat you. It gives the idea of surrendering or giving in to bad circumstances.

This means the apostle Paul was telling the Galatians:

“Don’t let evil get the best of you….”
“Don’t let the bad circumstances wear you down and wear you out….”
“Don’t give in to the evil that intends to defeat you….”

This means when turbulence and hard financial times come, it isn’t time for you to surrender to circumstances — it’s the time for you to put up a fight!

Instead of giving in and surrendering to the attacks that are assailing you, you have to “put up your dukes” — then rare back with all your spiritual might and throw a knockout punch in the face of the devil! Don’t shrink back in fear or worry; instead, make this a critical moment when you sow an extra financial seed. Do something bold that will break that stranglehold the devil has tried to put on you. I am telling you precisely what Denise and I do in our own personal lives!

If you are dealing with turbulence right now, is it possible that this is one of those moments when you need to throw all your spiritual weight against the devil by sowing an extra seed and show him that you’re not going to take any more flak from him?

Do exactly what the Holy Spirit impresses you to do. Once you obey His leading, you must then use your God-given authority and command the devil to take his foul hands off your finances! Boldly declare by faith that God’s blessings are yours. You have every right to expect God’s blessings to come pouring into your life!

Of course, when a person is struggling and feels that he or she has little money to give, that person may find it difficult to give substantial offerings — but a gift of any size sets the law of sowing and reaping into action. God knows when you are doing something sacrificial. Think of the example of the widow who gave two mites (see Luke 21:1-4). Others that day were giving larger gifts, but when Jesus saw her — and knew the sacrifice that was required for her to give those two mites — He stopped everyone to talk about what a powerful thing she had done. The amount she gave may have seemed smaller, but the sacrifice was greater because she had freely given the money she had to live on. Her gift was a sacrifice so great that it got the attention of Jesus!

Ecclesiastes 11:1-3 says, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth. If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: and if the tree fall toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be.”

This passage is so powerful that I will talk about it again in next month’s letter, but notice verse 2, which says we must keep sowing our seed because “thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.” In this verse, we are promised that REGARDLESS of what happens in the earth — in the political realm, financial realm, or any other realm — if we stay faithful to sow our seed for the sake of eternity, God will see to it that we will be blessed, even when we are living in turbulent times. This is why it is so vital that we keep sowing in good times and bad times, for our sowing is the guarantee that in some way, it will come back to us in a time of need. And when it comes back, it will return to us with a harvest of what we planted!

It is very rare that I write an entire letter about giving, but the Holy Spirit clearly told me to tell you that…those who stay in faith, in peace, in love, in fellowship, and keep sowing seed for the sake of eternity will be blessed, empowered, joy-filled, and sustained, and they will miraculously thrive even if the world around them is tossed with a tempest. I am doing my best to faithfully encourage you to do what is necessary to reach others with the Gospel and make sure you miraculously thrive even if the world around you is storm-tossed!

As I close this letter, I want to remind you that Denise and I and our team are here to pray for you. Jeremiah 33:3 promises that if we call out to God in faith, He will hear, He will answer, and He will show us great and mighty things. It is our GREATEST HONOR to hear how we can pray for you and then to call out to God with you and release our faith for Him to do something magnificent in response to your heartfelt need! You can reach out to us by calling 1-800-742-5593 or by emailing us at

Please also remember to see the insert in this teaching letter so you’ll know how you can order my new book Fallen Angels, Giants, Monsters, and the World Before the Flood.

We are your brother and sister, friends, and partners in Jesus Christ,

Rick and Denise Renner
along with Paul, Philip, and Joel Renner and our entire ministry team

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