Dear Friends,

Wow! It’s almost summer, but surprisingly, we just woke up in Moscow to a fresh blanket of snow. When I see it, I think of how the blood of Jesus — like snow — washes away and covers all the sin and blemishes in one’s life. Oh, I am so thankful for the precious blood of Jesus! Aren’t you?

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I also want to thank you for being such a faithful friend and partner with our ministry. In last month’s letter, I encouraged you to keep sowing your precious seed for the sake of eternity. The sowing of our finances into churches and ministries is essential, because it puts fuel in the tank so the Gospel and the teaching of God’s Word can get to people who need it. And every time you give to a life-giving church or ministry, you are literally becoming a significant partner in providing help to people who really need it. God thanks you, and I personally thank you for being such a mighty tool in the hands of God. Because of your willingness and obedience, lives are being touched and changed!

I call you a “partner” because you really have an eternal part in what is being accomplished through this ministry. The Lord, Denise and I, our family, and our whole team are thankful for every seed you have sown and will continue to sow into this soil of God’s Kingdom. Together we are making a difference in lives all over the world that are crying out for teaching they can trust. Wow! It is a blessing that God uses all of us together as a team!
But today I am thinking of people who have sown their seed into the soil of their churches and good ministries, and now they are waiting for a return or a harvest on what they have sown. Sometimes people get discouraged during the time of waiting between the seed sown and the harvest reaped. I want to encourage you not to quit before you’ve received what you’ve been expecting. You can rest assured that if you don’t give up, God certainly won’t fail to perform His Word for you!

Galatians 6:9 promises: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” This verse has been a strong encouragement to me personally over many years, so today I want to look at seven key words in this verse that I believe are going to encourage you. Let’s take a closer look at the following words: 1) weary; 2) well; 3) doing; 4) in due season; 5) shall reap; 6) if; and 7) faint.

  1. The word “weary” is the word egkakeo, a compound of the Greek words en and kakos. The word en in this case means to give in, and the word kakeo is a form of kakos, a word fre- quently used to denote something that is evil, destructive, or even unjust. But when these words are compounded, the new word depicts one who is tempted to give up because he feels accosted by an evil, destructive, or unjust person or circumstance. This means God commands you and me not to surrender to the temptation to become weary and give up. He is the One who tells us, “Let us not be weary in well doing.”
  2. The word “well” is the Greek word kalos, which means good, but it would be better trans- lated here as useful. The word “good” itself is too broad a term and leaves one wondering what is included. But when it is more accurately translated as the word “useful,” it gives clarity that a “good” work is a “useful” work. This of course suggests that in addition to useful works, there are also works that are “unuseful,” meaning a lot of energy and time expended on things that have no benefit to anyone. But Paul’s use of the word kalos tells us that we must focus on works that are “useful” with some type of measurable results. This tells us that what is sown is not only financial seeds, but also good deeds. Giving to the Kingdom of God is one of those good deeds that God deems so valuable!
  3. The word “doing” is from the Greek word poieo and refers to any type of activity. It can even carry the idea of creatively doing something when the action doesn’t come easily or naturally. In other words, if we can’t easily see a way to do something that is beneficial, it’s time for us to get creative! But it must be noted that this word, as used here, is also a participle, which means it depicts ongoing, uninterrupted action. In other words, the type of “well doing” that the apostle Paul described here is not a one-time event, but an ongoing action. It is a lifestyle of sowing seeds and deeds.
  4. God promises that “in due season,we shall reap a harvest for our efforts. The words “due season” are idios and kairos. The word idios means its own, and the word kairos refers to a set season. Thus, each seed has its own set season — a specific, individual time when it will produce a harvest. Even if multiple seeds of different kinds are all planted at one time, each has its own season to be reaped, depending on the nature of the seed. One seed produces during one set season, while another seed is reaped during a different season. Thus, it is a mistake to judge our seed and its particular time of harvest by the harvest time of other seeds, because each seed has its unique set season to mature. We just need to remember God’s promise that if we are consistent — if we steadfastly keep sowing our seed into the ground and refuse to allow weariness to derail us — a time will come when we shall reap.
  5. The words “shall reap” are from the word therismos, a Greek word that describes the reap- ing or harvesting of crops. What is important to note is that the tense describes a future, fixed event. Hence, the harvest is in the future, but it is fixed and guaranteed to happen — if we will do our part and stay on course. This is why Paul continued by saying, “…if we faint not.”
  6. The word “if” tells us that our actions have the power to disrupt a harvest. Paul added the word “if” to help us understand that our consistency and refusal to surrender for any reason is vital in reaching the set season of our seed. If we “faint” at any point along the way, we can jeopardize the long-term harvest of what we have sown.
  7. The word “faint” is the Greek word ekluo, a compound of the words ek and luo. The word ek means out, and the word luo means to loosen or to relax. When compounded, the new word means to loosen out. It is a relaxed mental state that results in loss. It pictures a person who has become so weary that he gives up and forfeits what he had long awaited and was so close to reaping. As a result, the person loses the desired outcome that was so near. Pressures applied against this person have unraveled him, causing his grip to slacken until the answer he was holding on to slips from his hands. The result is loss. In the case of Galatians 6:9, he has lost a harvest. The most common factor that causes us to loosen our grip is when we become “weary.” Thus, Paul urges us not to give in and quit in times of spiritual, physical, or mental exhaustion.

It’s exciting to plant seeds of faith, and it’s really exciting when the harvest finally comes. But to reach that point, you must hold tight to what God has told you and remember that your seed — whether it’s financial seed or seeds of uninterrupted, useful deeds toward others — has a set season when it will produce, if you do not disrupt the process. As long as you stay the course, it is guaranteed that you will reap a harvests from what you have planted.

Often people are tempted to give up and quit because they become tired. Although they are try- ing to be obedient, they may feel unappreciated. Perhaps circumstances out of their control are coming against them, or someone is treating them unjustly. Maybe you have experienced the temptation to give up. But Galatians 6:9 urges you and me not to loosen our grip on our future, fixed harvest!

You see, if you will remain steadfast, the time of waiting will eventually end and your harvests will come! They may not come at the time you were hoping they would — but regardless, don’t give up on your seed too early. The seeds you have sown have a set season, and God promises they will produce — if you don’t do something to disrupt the process!

I don’t know what you’re trusting God for in this present season of your life. Most of us are believing for something, and we are sowing seeds toward it. Perhaps no one knows what you are believing for because you’ve kept it between you and the Lord. Maybe it’s a financial harvest, a break- through in a relationship, a physical healing, or a restoration in some other area. Maybe this harvest is taking longer than you had anticipated.

I want to reassure you that God’s Word and His promises are eternal, and if you just won’t quit, it’s only a matter of time until your long-awaited blessing arrives. God’s Word is absolutely true, so I encourage you to remain steadfast and keep thanking Him for the harvest He has in store that’s been tailor-made just for you!

I appreciate you praying for Denise, me, our whole family, and our team as we do what God has commissioned us to do. The assignment is enormous, and we are giving our best to do what He has assigned to us. But your prayers and finances are a big part, so we ask for your prayers and thank you for your amazing support. Every day when I wake up and every night when I go to bed — and multiple times during each day — I am praying for God to respond to you with His very best!

And if you have a specific prayer request, please let us know so we can pray for you. I think you know by now that we are a ministry that really prays for our partners. It would be our honor to pray specifically for whatever is in your heart or about whatever you are facing. We fully understand the need to have people who will come into agreement with us and pray with us, so we want to pray with you with full faith for God to move mightily on your behalf. You can reach out to us by calling 1-800-742-5593 or by emailing us at

We are your brother and sister, friends, and partners in Jesus Christ,

Rick and Denise Renner
along with Paul, Philip, and Joel Renner and our entire ministry team

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