And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
— Galatians 6:9

I’ve told you before, but today I sense a leading to tell you again — you must stay steady and on track with the assignment the Lord has given to you! Believe me, I know what it’s like to get tired of staying steady and holding the course. But those moments when you’re tired and tempted to quit are the exact times when you need to grab hold of the power of God and determine that you are not going to stray from your course until you’ve finished what God asked you to do!

In moments when weariness tries to get the best of me, I meditate on Galatians 6:9, which says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” The word “weary” in Galatians 6:9 is the Greek word egkakos — a compound of en, which means in, and kakos, which describes something evil. Here it actually depicts a person who is tempted to throw in the towel and quit, thus surrendering to evil. In this verse, God commands you and me not to surrender to any temptation to give up. He promises that in “due season,” a harvest will be reaped if we won’t quit — the manifestation of what each of us is believing for will come if we will not cave in and give up.

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Notice that God says the manifestation comes in “due season.” This tells us that each seed has its own set season — a specific, individual time when the seed will produce its harvest. Even if multiple seeds of various kinds are planted at one time, each has its own season to be reaped, depending on the seed. One seed produces in one set season, and another seed is reaped in a different set season. But no matter what season our seed is to be reaped in, God promises that if we are consistent — if we steadfastly keep sowing our seed into the ground and refuse to let weariness take us down — a time will come when “we shall reap.”

The words “we shall reap” describe a future, fixed event. So if a seed has been sown, a harvest is guaranteed to happen — if we stay on course. This is why Paul continued, saying, “…if we faint not.” The word “faint” is a Greek word that pictures a person who has become so weary that he gives up and forfeits what he’d been waiting so long for and what he was so close to reaping. Pressures applied against such a person caused him to become tired and weary. As a result, his grip slackened, and the thing he’d held on to and hoped for slipped from his hands. The result was loss. In the case of Galatians 6:9, he lost a harvest.

The most common thing that causes one to loosen his grip is weariness. That’s why Paul urges you not to throw in the towel in times of spiritual, physical, or mental exhaustion. It’s exciting to plant seeds of faith, and it’s really exciting when harvest comes. But in order to reach that point of reaping, you must hold on tight to what God has told you and remember that your seed has a set season when it will produce if you don’t disrupt the process.

Often people are tempted to quit believing because they get tired. Maybe you have felt this very same temptation. But God promises you in Galatians 6:9 that if you will remain steadfast, your time of waiting will eventually produce a harvest — the manifestation of what you’ve been waiting for and believing to see.

We’re all believing for something and sowing seeds toward it. I don’t know what you’re trusting God for in this season of your life. Perhaps no one knows but you because you’ve kept it between you and the Lord. Maybe it’s a financial harvest, a breakthrough in a relationship, or a healing or restoration in some area. Maybe this harvest is taking longer than you’d anticipated or expected. But I want to reassure you that God’s Word and His promises are absolutely true — and if you will just refuse to give up and quit, it’s only a matter of time until your long-awaited blessing arrives!


ather, I have been sowing seeds and waiting for my harvest for quite some time. It is true that I have been tempted to become tired and weary of waiting. So today I thank You because You said those who wait upon You shall renew their strength! I thank You for renewing and replenishing me as I patiently wait for my harvest. Your Word promises that it will come in due season. Holy Spirit, strengthen me with Your mighty power to stay the course until my due season arrives. I receive fresh grace to remain steady and on track with the project that You have assigned to me to complete! In those moments when I’m tempted to be tired and quit, help me remember that I can grab hold of Your power and not stray from my God-assigned purpose!

I pray this in Jesus’ name!



I confess that I refuse to give up in times of spiritual, physical, or mental exhaustion. I will reach that point of fulfillment when I reap because I will hold tightly to what God has told me. God promised me in Galatians 6:9 that if I will remain steadfast, the manifestation of what I’ve been waiting for and believing to happen will come. On the basis of this promise, I
REFUSE TO GIVE UP AND QUIT. I declare by faith that it’s only a matter of time until my long-awaited blessing arrives. Instead of caving in to weariness and the temptation to quit, I will lift up my hands in thanksgiving. I make the choice to praise God with a grateful heart as I keep thanking God for the harvest He has in store for me!

I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!



  1. What harvest have you been sowing seeds toward? What exactly is the harvest that you are waiting for right now? How long have you been waiting?
  2. Have you ever considered that you could be right on the edge of receiving what God has prepared for you, and that is why the devil has geared up his attack against you? Could it be that the devil is trying to push you to the edge of quitting because he knows you’re about to receive that long-awaited blessing?
  3. Do you know anyone who waited a long time for their “due season” before it finally came? Can you think of a Bible character who waited a long time for his or her dream to come to pass, but it eventually happened, even against all odds?