Dear Friend,

This is Rick Renner writing with another UPDATE.

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Due to the help provided by our amazing friends and partners, we are able to continue delivering assistance to people who are in great need. At the moment, we are loading a large container with goods that will be headed to help displaced people.

Think of it…massive relief going to people along with a Bible, a book on salvation, Psalm 91, and a packet of information about how to connect to our online church when they are finally able to get online again. In the days and months to come, we believe God will enable us to teach them the Word of God and help them grow in the Lord. And you are a significant part of that!

This week, we have heard so many testimonies about how this relief has already impacted people’s lives. Our teams that have been delivering the relief returned to get the next load to deliver, and they are SO FULL IN THEIR HEARTS about what they are seeing God do in people’s lives through the relief provided. They are bursting with joy about our being there to help these precious souls! Following this email is a letter from a pastor whose church has delivered 10,000 relief packages with substantial help from RENNER Ministries! That’s just a fraction of what we are able to do thanks to the generous giving of partners who want to be a part of bringing help and strength to those who need it most. I think you will be blessed by what you read. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. If it’s in your heart to do more, please click here.

Also, since last week, our team has been purchasing building materials for the interior of our new studio. There is so much more to do, but step-by-step, we are moving forward. We are so grateful for every person who has given to help us get this done before prices are completely out of sight. Again, thank you so much for all you’ve done, and if it’s in your heart to help more with this, please click here.

You have been so amazing in your response, and I felt a need to update you about what your acts of generosity have accomplished so far. And now, please, let us know how to pray for you. We are a ministry that really prays, and if you’ll let us know how to pray, we will release our faith for God to move in your life. Just call 1-800-742-5593 or send us an email at (You can also submit your confidential prayer request online at I assure you that we will really pray for you!

I am so grateful to God for you,

Rick Renner




Email From a Partnering Pastor Distributing Aid:

Dear Pastor Rick Renner,

Thank you for your help to refugees from Ukraine who have been displaced. Though we’ve been working together on this relief project, we do not know you personally, but we have been listening to your programs for about 15 years, and we watch you on YouTube and on Facebook. Thank you for feeding us spiritually all these years.

Though we are a small church, we have influence in our city, and from the first days of this crisis, we knew in our hearts that the Holy Spirit wanted us to do something for the people who seek refuge. So we opened a transit center for the reception of refugees. We offer them spiritual help, we pray for everyone, we hug people, we tell them about God’s love and protection, and we are seeing God work wonderfully in their lives.

Among the people we are reaching there are even Muslims who are hearing the Gospel and are repenting. We are really seeing God work miracles, and we have already distributed 10,000 relief packages!

We appreciate your prayers and all the ways you are helping to provide assistance!