…the prince of the kings of the earth…
— Revelation 1:5

We live in an age when darkness is increasing all over the face of the earth. But as we face this looming threat, we need to remember that Jesus Christ is Lord over all. Nothing takes Him by surprise because He has known everything that has and will ever occur before He even created earth. The rulers of the darkness of this world may think they are in charge, but Revelation 1:5 declares that Jesus Christ is “the prince of the kings of the earth.” Therefore, He rules over all the affairs of mankind. We may not always see His hand or understand His movements, but Christ is in charge nonetheless.

This means that no matter what political party, president, or ruler holds power or what verdicts the courts mete out, Jesus Christ’s ultimate authority over the kings of the earth remains uncontested. Others may command an earthly sphere of influence for a limited time, but Christ’s rule supersedes and outlasts them all.

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Today I’d like for us to look at the apostle John’s description of Jesus as “the prince of the kings of the earth” and see exactly what it tells us about our Lord and Savior as He rules today! The word “prince” is the word archon, a Greek word that denotes one who holds the highest and most exalted position. That emphatically means Jesus is truly Lord over all.

Furthermore, the word “kings” is a form of the Greek word basileuo, which means to rule or to reign. However, the form of the word used in Revelation 1:5 not only refers to human kings or rulers, but also to governments, which tells us Jesus’ power is greater than any human government. Human governments may think they are in control, but Jesus is exalted far above them, and He calls the shots. In time, every opposing force will be eliminated, and Jesus will remain high and lifted up!

It is significant that John used this terminology to depict Jesus in the beginning of the book of Revelation. As he wrote these words in the latter years of the First Century AD, early believers were suffering greatly at the hands of evil rulers. So John reminded them — and us — from the onset of his message that Jesus holds the ultimate authority and commands the final say in all matters. John boldly proclaimed that Jesus is the most highly exalted King and that He possesses supreme power and authority — more than any ruler or government that will ever exist in the earthly sphere.

Even in the darkest hours or the bleakest situations, the efforts of evil will always be thwarted by the prevailing power of Jesus Christ. Nearly 2,000 years of Church history have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that darkness doesn’t have the power or authority to silence the voice of Jesus Christ and His Church.

When Jesus appeared to John as the risen and exalted Christ, He imparted a powerful message to believers in all ages — He is the King of kings! He holds the highest seat of power; He possesses dominion over all; and His Kingdom will never cease. Other kings and governments will come and go, but Jesus’ Kingdom is everlasting and supersedes all others. There is no better reason to proclaim “AMEN!”


ather, I am so thankful that Jesus is Lord over all, and that includes my life! Your Word is coming to pass at a rapid pace in these end times: Darkness is increasing; morals are sliding; laws are changing for the worse; and society is rapidly degenerating. But seated above them all is Jesus — the King of the kings of the earth. When all is said and done, rulers may have a temporary say-so in the affairs of man, but Jesus ultimately rules over all. Help me not to despair when I see evil prosper and to remember that Jesus has not lost His grip on the situation. He really IS Lord over all!

I pray this in Jesus’ name!



I boldly confess that Jesus Christ is not only the King of kings, but the Prince of all the kings of the earth (see Revelation 19:16;1:5). There is no higher power or authority than Jesus Christ. His throne is exalted above all others. Human powers come and go, but the Kingdom of Jesus Christ endures forever. I declare that 2,000 years of Church history have proven that Jesus is highly and forever exalted, and that He will have the ultimate say-so in the affairs of mankind. I may not see how His hand is moving, but none is greater than or equal to Him. Jesus Christ rules over all, and He is directing the affairs of mankind to fulfill His divine purpose!

I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!



  1. Have you despaired over the darkness that permeates society and the governments of the world? Are you ever tempted to think that darkness is in control? How can you best resist that temptation?
  2. What did you learn from today’s Sparkling Gem? If you were to tell others about what you learned today, what truths would you share with them?
  3. Why don’t you shut your eyes and let your imagination take you to the highest Heaven for a moment? Picture Jesus Christ above all the kings of the earth, seated there on His highly exalted throne!