For through him we both [Jew and Gentile] have access by one Spirit unto the Father.
— Ephesians 2:18

In today’s technologically sophisticated, interconnected society, it’s so easy to pick up the phone, call anywhere in the world, and make an immediate connection to whomever you are calling. But when my family first moved to the Soviet Union to follow God’s call on our lives, placing an international phone call was quite a difficult task!

First of all, all international phone calls had to be “scheduled” and “ordered” in advance. In the city where we lived, it took three days to order a phone call to the United States. We would call the operator, tell her that we’d like to place a call to America, and give the number we wanted to call. The operator would respond, “Your call will come in three days” — however, she couldn’t tell us what time the call would be placed — so on that third day, we didn’t dare leave the house for any reason, because the call could come at any unknown minute.

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If the call came through, and the number was busy, we couldn’t simply say, “Can we try another number?” That call was our only chance! If the line was busy, we had to schedule another call and wait for another three days. The connections were so horrible that often we had to yell and scream for our voices to be heard — if we actually connected to the person we were calling. Furthermore, special agents were on the phone line with us, listening to our conversations in order to monitor what we were saying. They were so obviously listening in that once I asked the agent to get off the phone, and he answered by telling me it was his job to listen!

Connecting was so difficult in those days! Finally, someone suggested that we purchase a satellite phone with a gigantic antenna. I would dial the call on a huge black box, and Denise would hold a gigantic antenna and point it this way and that way toward the sky, trying to figure out its optimal position so we could get the best possible connection. The antenna was huge! Denise and I must have looked like quite the sight as we stood in the front yard with a giant, umbrella-shaped antenna and a huge satellite phone, trying to figure out how to best connect with our families in the United States!

I’ve often thought of those difficult days of poor communication during my morning prayer times — when all I have to do is open my heart, express my faith, and I am instantly and effortlessly connected to Heaven! There are no three days of waiting and no waving of a giant antenna trying to find the correct “channel” that connects me to Heaven. All it takes is a single moment of faith, and an instant connection is made. I call it “instant access” to the throne of God.

This “instant access” is referred to in Ephesians 2:18, where the apostle Paul wrote that through Christ we have “access” by the Holy Spirit unto the Father. Today I want to talk to you about this word “access.”

The word “access” is the Greek word prosagoge. It is a Greek word that was used to describe individuals who had free entrance, access, or unhindered approach to a king’s court. There was no need for pleading or begging and no waiting in long lines to be recognized. It was an unhindered approach at any time and any moment. This means that when you are in Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit provides a way for you to immediately connect with the Father at any time!

I don’t know the details of what you are facing today, but if you are in Christ Jesus, I can assuredly tell you that you have immediate access to the Father through the Spirit. Thank God, you don’t have to order a heavenly phone call and wait for three days to get through to the throne. You don’t have to worry that your connection will be put off again and again. Your position in Christ guarantees you instant, immediate access to the Father at any time and at every moment!|


ather, I give glory, honor, and praise to You that through Jesus Christ, I have instant, unhindered access to Your throne. Because Your Spirit lives inside me, the door to Heaven is open above me and Your ears are attentive to hear and answer me. Furthermore, because my heart is an open door to you, this same connection gives You access through me to others. Holy Spirit, teach me how to live every moment in an active, engaged faith that pleases You and keeps me continually aware of my connection with You.

I pray this in Jesus’ name!


I confess that my life is hidden with Christ in God. According to Ephesians 2:18, I have instant access to God through Christ Jesus. Furthermore, the Father has access through me to reach those around me because my heart is an open door to Him. I do not need to fear that God won’t hear me. I thank my God that He always hears me! When I pray in faith, the Holy Spirit enables me immediately to connect with the Father to access His wisdom and His power with no delay!

I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!



  1. Have you ever had moments when you “felt” like you weren’t getting through to God in prayer? After reading today’s Sparkling Gem, do you now understand that if you are in Christ, you have instant access to the Father, regardless of what you may be feeling?
  2. How does the message you’ve read today affect you? Does it help give you assurance that God is listening and that you immediately connect to Him when you pray in faith?
  3. Can you rest in the Lord when you pray — confidently assured that He is listening to you? Or have you been hampered in your thoughts without understanding that you have unrestricted access to the throne of God?