For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift….
— Romans 1:11

Have you ever been with someone whose mere presence positively affected you, changed you, or took you to a higher level in the Lord? Do you know if your presence has ever affected anyone in that way?

When I think about this question, one particular minister immediately comes to mind. He is a precious and dear friend who has walked with God for decades, and I have known him closely for many years. When I am honored with the opportunity to spend time with him, I always walk away feeling spiritually richer and touched by Jesus. Being in his presence leaves me with the feeling that something spiritual has rubbed off on me and has been imparted to my life.

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Similarly, Paul felt this way about the First Century believers in Rome. Even though he had never met the Roman congregation face-to-face, he was sure that if he could spend time with them, he would rub off on them too. In Romans 1:10, he wrote, “Making request, if by any means now at length, I might have a prosperous journey by the will of God to come unto you.” Then in Romans 1:11, he told them, “For I long to see you, that I may impart unto some spiritual gift….”

Notice that Paul said, “For I long to see you….” This word “long” tells us how deeply Paul wanted to meet these believers. In Greek, it is the word epipotheo, which has the root potheo, meaning desire. However, it also has the prefix epi attached to it, which gives an extra force to the word, portraying a person who wanted something so much that he intensely longed for it. Very often this word depicts an insatiable appetite or a craving — and in the New Testament it is often translated as the word lust. The fact that Paul used this word to depict his longing to come see the believers in Rome tells us that he was intensely yearning to see them.

In verse 11, Paul provided at least one reason why he wanted to see them. He wrote, “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you….” Paul believed he had something spiritual to impart to his brothers and sisters in Rome. The word “impart” comes from the word metadidomi, which means to impart or to transfer something from one to another. Paul believed that if he could see the Romans, spend time with them, or perhaps lay hands on them, there would be an impartation of something spiritual to them. In the same way that I walk away spiritually richer after being in the presence of the man I told you about earlier, Paul was convinced that if he could spend time with the Roman believers, something powerful would be imparted to them. As a result, they would come away from that encounter feeling richer, fuller, and touched by Jesus.

These words of Paul in Romans 1:11 tell me that he was convinced God would use him as a channel to touch these believers in a way they had never been touched before. Paul was so confident about it, he actually wrote that he longed to see them, specifically stating that he wanted to impart something spiritual to them. What did he want to impart? That’s a topic we will look at tomorrow.

But for today, I want to ask you: Who has had this kind of profound influence in your life? Has being in anyone’s mere presence made you feel touched by Jesus? Who was that person? Perhaps the more important question is this: Have you ever made anyone else feel that way? How do you affect people when you are with them? In what condition do you leave them when it’s time for you to say farewell?

There’s no doubt that God wants to use us to positively impact people. Just as the apostle Paul was confident that God would use him to impart something rich and spiritual to the Romans, we need to spend time with the Father and allow Him to pour His presence into our personal lives so that when we are with others, there will be an overflow that rubs off on them and takes them to a higher place in the Lord!


ather, I ask You to flood me to overflowing with Your Spirit. When people are in my presence, I pray that they will become more deeply aware of You and Your nearness. Let Your life and kindness be expressed through me in such a way that people receive a supernatural impartation and spiritual blessing that will cover and penetrate their hearts and lives with Your wisdom, goodness, and love.

I pray this in Jesus’ name!



I confess that I walk in communion with the Holy Spirit daily. When people are in my presence, they are enveloped by the life of God that flows through me by His Spirit within me. The fragrance of Heaven overflows through my life so that when I am with others, the peace and love of God rests upon them and takes them to a higher place in Him.

I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!



  1. What plan do you have to personally enhance the lives of those around you?
  2. Recall a time when you knew something was spiritually imparted to you by being with someone. Was it a conversation that person had with you that deeply impacted you, or was it transferred by prayer and the laying on of hands?
  3. Has anyone ever told you that you affected him or her that way? If so, when was it, and what was the event that caused that other person to feel so positively and spiritually impacted?