Q: How can I pray for my husband?

A: One of the main ways you need to pray for your husband is to pray for the protection of the blood of Jesus over him. The more I understand Scripture, the more I know to pray the prayers of Ephesians 1:15-23. You should pray that the eyes of his understanding would be enlightened and that he would know the hope of his calling. Pray that his eyes would be opened to who God is and who he is in God. That is one of the most powerful prayers you can pray. 

Ask God to protect your husband physically from danger. I always pray a lot about safety. You may have to pray prayers for God to forgive and have mercy on him. Pray that God would help those who help him. 

To be honest, sometimes I don’t know how to pray. When you don’t know how to pray, pray in tongues. You would always know how to pray if it were a perfect world. But it’s not a perfect world. So when you pray in tongues, you’re praying out the perfect will of God by faith. You’re allowing the Holy Spirit to intercede on your behalf, essentially praying the most perfect, powerful prayer for whatever your situation may be. 

These would be my general guidelines for praying for your husband.