Q: I live with a man and have a son from my first marriage. He is not accepting of my son at all. He said he loves me but hates my son. What should I do? My son is growing up and is now reflecting the attitudes portrayed by the man we live with toward himself.

A: Thank you for your question! First, the Bible says if you’re living with a man who isn’t your husband it’s fornication. Someone recently said to me, “Well, it’s so popular now to live with someone you’re not married to!” I thought to myself, “People have been getting married for centuries. Who are we to decide it’s normal to live with a man you’re not married to!” 

Besides just living with a man you’re not married to, you say he tells you he hates your son. You do not want to marry any man who tells you he hates your son! As a mother, you have all this nurturing protection and love for your son. So if you continue to live with this man, or even marry this man. What would you be opening yourself and your son up to?  I’m choosing to answer your question with this question. You must make a choice. Ask yourself, “What am I doing? Am I making the best choices for me and my son right now?”

Your son came from your body and therefore, your son has a part of you in himself. How can this man say he loves you but hates your son, who came from you? If you’re a Christian, think about what we just discussed and ask God for help. Say, “God, I need your help and I need your answers!” Humble yourself before God and do what He tells you to do. God loves you, and we love you too. We want you to make the right choices for you and your son. We will keep your family in our prayers!