Denise was asked: As a 70-year-old woman, what can I do for the Lord in this season of my life? I live mostly at home. My children have their own lives and I do not see them often. I also have not been able to find a church in my area.

Denise’s responded:

“Well, this might be the greatest season of your life to pray. And if you’ve been following God, then you have some wisdom to offer younger women. Pray that God would open a door so you can help someone younger than yourself. Always have an attitude of wanting to help.

And be sure to not embrace a place of loneliness. Ask God for avenues to help you find a place to worship and have fellowship — that source of information may even be your next-door neighbor. If they don’t have a church, then either find something online or ask someone if they want to study the Bible together, but you need to have some kind of fellowship. Don’t embrace the attitude, “Well, I’m 70, so my life is over.” NO! Don’t believe that lie! Now is the season of life when you have something to give. Be diligent to find that place and give it.”