This month, we want to tell you about someone who has been an integral part of RENNER Ministries — Denise Renner! Through both the good times and challenging times, she has stood with her husband, Rick Renner, for 42 years of marriage, family, and ministry. She helped move her family of five to the former Soviet Union and pioneer a great work of faith that continues to this day! As a young mother, Denise learned to raise her children in a different culture with an entirely different language by trusting God and leaning into His presence. 

As a team, RENNER Ministries is blessed by the testimony of Denise’s life and encouraged by her steadfast faith in God. And today, we want to share her heart with you! Denise is a mentor to women worldwide, an author, a classically trained vocalist, and a dedicated minister of the Word of God. Denise genuinely teaches from her personal experience and relationship with the Lord. 

For many years, God has directed Denise to care for the women in Moscow through her women’s ministry. Her ministry included hosting baby showers — something uncommon in that part of the world — and teaching her School of Cinderella classes, which she still does today. In these classes, Denise teaches for eight weeks on marriage and family, helping women learn biblical principles that they can apply to their relationships, their walk with the Lord, and life. Through numerous years of teaching School of Cinderella, Denise has witnessed marriages restored, parental relationships restored, friendships restored, relationships with the Lord restored, and so much more!

In 2012, after teaching School of Cinderella classes for several years, God prompted Denise to turn her course into a book. The result was her best-selling book Who Stole Cinderella? — a book that’s helped countless women strengthen their marriages and other meaningful relationships. Denise has also recorded a series of School of Cinderella video classes in English that you can access on her social media accounts and YouTube channel, which you can find by clicking the links at the bottom of this email. These digital lessons have allowed her to reach even more women through these easily accessible online platforms. 

Denise has also ministered to individuals in women’s prisons, mental health facilities, orphanages, and children’s hospitals. Her God-given gift of singing has opened many doors to share the Gospel in places that otherwise wouldn’t allow it. We’re continuing to believe and stand in agreement with Denise for brand-new opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ, such as her new live radio show that broadcasts Denise’s teaching throughout the Russian-speaking world every week! 

In 2021, Denise began filming programs for her new weekly series, TIME With Denise Renner. Each week, Denise prepares a powerful message to share with her viewers. This time is full of godly advice, encouragement, online interaction and fellowship, and, of course, teaching you can trust! Her close walk with the Lord shines brightly through each program as she faithfully shares what the Lord has put on her heart for that week. Her audience is still growing by the week, and if you’d like to support her ministry, you can do so by  watching TIME With Denise Renner each Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. CT on any of her social media links or by visiting

We invite you to connect with Denise through her social media platforms and glean from her godly wisdom and tender heart. We would also like to extend a big THANK YOU to our partners! Your generosity is making such a difference in the lives of women worldwide!