Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 23; Matthew 25:24,25; 2 Timothy 1:7

Today I want to continue studying Matthew 25 and look at the servant who hid his talent. Many years ago when Rick and I first started our traveling ministry, people would often ask me after I ministered in song, “Do you have any recordings? I’d like to ‘take you home’ to listen to your music.”

I would always say, “No, I don’t, but would you please pray for me for the ability and the finances to make the recording?”

I said that to people for five years! Can you imagine how many people I said that to over a five-year period of time?

The fact is, in my state of mind at the time, I really didn’t have any intention of making a recording. But after short time, the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about what I’d been saying. Rick and I were in a meeting in a very small church in which the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully, and people were lingering in the presence of the Lord. As I was standing there enjoying God’s presence, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. (He spoke to me in “King James,” because I always read the King James Version of the Bible.) The Holy Spirit said to me, “I liken you to the wicked, slothful servant.” Subscribe to Denise’s 28-Day Journey Email Devotionals! I knew which servant the Lord was talking about — the one who hid his talent. As God often does when He brings His revelation, He also brings His deliverance. That’s what He did for me in this case. He showed me at that moment the reason I was like that servant: because of fear! I was fearful of success, and I was fearful of failure. Immediately, I repented and told the Lord, “I will not hide my talent. I will make that recording.” In two weeks, we supernaturally received all the money we needed to produce the entire album — and within one month, I held that recording in my hand!

Many times God is just waiting for us to say yes! So I’d like you to consider this: Is God waiting for you to say yes about something? Has He given you a talent that you’ve been hiding because of fear? God can deliver you if you will recognize that fear, repent for hiding your God-given gifts, and say yesto the Lord.

Today I’d like you to pray the following prayer:

Father, I know You’ve given me abilities and responsibilities. And I will give an account someday for how I managed, developed, and increased my gifts. Forgive me for failing to step out to lift my light higher for You, Your Kingdom, and Your glory. Help me to turn that around in Jesus’ name. Amen!

God wants you to step out of the dark shadows of fear and into the bright light of His love where others can experience His love through you and the gifts and talents He has given you. Please contact us if you’d like a member of our prayer team to pray with you personally about the things that are on your heart.

In His great love,

Denise Renner

Denise Renner