Your Life Is Your Pulpit!

Your Life Is Your Pulpit!

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.
— Colossians 4:5

One day as my wife and I were eating out, we discovered that the woman who served our table was a committed Christian. Since it was a slow day at the restaurant, we took a few minutes to talk to her. During our conversation, I happened to ask her what was the best and worst day of the week for a server in terms of tips. Without hesitation, she answered, “Sundays are the worst days. In fact, none of the servers in this restaurant want to work on Sundays. It’s the worst day of the week for a waiter.”

Fascinated by her answer, I asked her why no one wanted to work on Sundays. She told me, “As a Christian, I am embarrassed to say it, but the most demanding customers — those who are the hardest to please and leave the smallest tips — are usually Christians. In fact, when people come into the restaurant carrying their Bibles, the waiters and waitresses immediately start fighting about who has to serve that table because we know it’s going to take a lot of work and they won’t leave much of a tip.”

She continued, “Isn’t it sad that a Bible in a person’s hands is the warning sign that trouble lies ahead?”

Hearing about this negative influence that Christians had exerted on the employees in that place of business, I decided to delve deeper and ask how this had affected those who worked with her. She categorically told me, “The people who work in this restaurant just can’t understand how Christians can go to church on Sunday and then come into this restaurant and treat the servers so badly. Most of the servers here would rather serve unbelievers because they treat them nicer and leave bigger tips.”

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