The Partnership and the Responsibility of the Holy Spirit

The Partnership and the Responsibility of the Holy Spirit


I am so happy to be talking to you today!

I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to write to you again because I am going to speak to you about a subject that is very dear and precious to my heart: the communion of the Holy Spirit. I really feel that this is what the Holy Spirit wants me to focus on this month, so that will be a recurring theme in all my communication this month, including in my television programs that we are now broadcasting in the United States! In January, we began airing these programs over the Believer’s Voice of Victory TV network (BVOVN) at 7:00 a.m. CT/8:00 a.m. ET each Wednesday morning. Please visit our website at for other stations and program times.

What is the communion of the Holy Spirit and why is this subject so crucial for us as believers in Christ? Most of us would say we want to live a victorious Christian life. But without daily communion with the Holy Spirit, it will be impossible for us to attain that goal. Communion with the Holy Spirit is the launching pad for a life of supernatural power and consistency.


In Second Corinthians 13:14, Paul wrote, “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.”

I want you to notice the word “communion” in this verse. It is a translation of the Greek word koinonia, a word that has a whole range of flavors concerning meanings. But in today’s letter, I want to discuss two primary meanings of this word: partnership and responsibility. I believe this will really open your eyes to a new level of relationship that you can have with the Holy Spirit.

Let’s begin with the meaning of partnership. An example of koinonia conveying the idea of partnership can be found in Luke 5:7 after Jesus supplied a miraculous catch of fish. After the fishermen had fished all night and caught nothing, Jesus told Peter to cast the nets on the other side (see v. 4). When he obeyed, they caught such a massive amount of fish that their nets began to break!

Peter knew they couldn’t handle this miraculous catch by himself, so he called to other fishermen in nearby boats to come and assist them. Luke 5:7 says, “And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink.”

The word “partners” in this is a form of this same Greek word koinonia. However, in Luke 5:7 it refers to real business partners. One scholar says that this word used in this context lets us know that Peter was no small-time fisherman. He owned an entire fishing enterprise, and those men in the other boats were his business associates or his company partners.

Keeping this in mind,?Second Corinthians 13:14 could convey the idea, “…And the partnership of the Holy Spirit be with you all….”


If you think about it, this really makes a lot of sense. When Jesus’ earthly ministry was in operation, He and the Holy Spirit always worked together.

  • Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35).
  • He was empowered by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:16).
  • Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 4:1).
  • Jesus healed people by the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38).
  • He cast out demons by the power of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:28).
  • Jesus was raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:11).
  • Jesus was seated at God’s right hand in the heavenly places through the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:19,20).

Every time we see Jesus in the Gospels, He was working hand in hand with the Holy Spirit. He and the Holy Spirit were partners. In fact, Jesus even said He wouldn’t initiate anything by Himself, indicating His total dependence on the Spirit of God (John 5:30). Well, since Jesus needed this kind of ongoing partnership with the Holy Spirit to accomplish His divine role in the earth, we certainly need it too!

Do you know the partnership of the Holy Spirit? If not, today would be a golden moment for you to open your heart wide and ask the Holy Spirit to help you learn how to partner with Him. He is there for you, but He needs your cooperation in order to really partner with you. As I said, since Jesus needed this partnership, we have to have it too!


There is yet another idea conveyed by the word “communion” (koinonia) — and that is, the idea of taking responsibility for someone.

An example of this is found in Philippians 4:14, where Paul wrote to the Philippians and commended them for the generous gift they sent for his ministry. He told them, “Notwithstanding ye have well done, that ye did communicate with my affliction.” The word “communicate” here is another use of the word koinonia.

At the time Paul wrote the Philippian letter, he was in prison in Rome. Over the years, he had traveled and preached, raised up churches, worked with leaders, and given his life for the Church. But of all the churches Paul had poured his life into, none of them helped him financially the way they should have. That is sad, isn’t it? But that is exactly what Paul told us in his letter to the Philippians.

Paul was in prison when he received a special delivery letter from the Philippian church. In that package, he found a sizable offering that they had sent to support him during his time of difficulty. In other words, the Philippian church didn’t just say, “We’ll pray for your situation, Brother,” and then forget about Paul. Instead, they understood their responsibility to help him, so they took up an offering to support him and communicate their love for him.

In other words, they took responsibility for him. Paul uses the Greek word koinonia to convey this meaning of responsibility — the same exact word Paul also uses in Second Corinthians 13:14 when he writes about the “communion of the Holy Spirit.”

Thus, Second Corinthians 13:14 could also be read as, “…And the responsibility of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

This means that just as the Holy Spirit wants to become your Partner, He also wants to assume great responsibility for you in this world. If you wish, He’ll stand by and watch you try to do things alone, on your own. But if you’ll open your heart to the Spirit of God, He will assume a more active role in your life. He wants you to know that you are not alone — and that He will take responsibility for you!

The Holy Spirit wants to help you pray, help you witness, and help you gain victories in life. He wants to step forward to help, just like the Philippians helped Paul in a moment of need. The Holy Spirit wants to exercise responsibility for you in a supernatural and miraculous way. Will you let Him? It all starts with your willingness and your prayer that invites the Holy Spirit to step forward in a more significant role in your life. Why not pray that prayer right now?

If the cry of your heart is to know the partnership and the responsibility of the Holy Spirit — not merely as mental doctrines, but as constant, daily realities in your life — then decide today to get to know the Holy Spirit as your intimate Friend. Make Him your Partner. Allow Him to help you fulfill the responsibilities of your calling in Christ.

Thank you so much for allowing me these few minutes to share these truths with you. I know you have a lot to do in a busy schedule, but I believe that if you’ll let these truths sink into your heart — and if you’ll act on them — it will bring a supernatural change in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Before I close, I want to remind you that we are here for you, waiting to know exactly how to pray for you. We are very sincere when we say that we pray for the needs of our partners. If you have a need, please let us know, and we’ll begin to go right to the Lord with you for that need. And, please, always know how thankful we are for every financial gift you send to our ministry.


And while I am talking about prayer, I’d like to ask how Denise and I and our team can be praying for you this month?  We already pray for you every day — but hearing from you helps us as we add our faith to yours for the breakthroughs you seek. Please let us hear from you. Praying for you really is one of our highest honors in the ministry! Click here to request prayer.

Please remember to pray for us as we launch out via TV programming to bring “our part” to the Body of Christ in the U.S. And, I want to say THANK YOU for every gift you send to our ministry. To the best of our ability, we are using every cent wisely and stretching it as far as we know how. There is a lot to do, and we need to run this race all the way to the end. Thank you for being in the race with us!

We love you and thank God for you!

We are your brother and sister, friends, and partners in Jesus Christ,


Rick and Denise Renner
along with Paul, Philip, and Joel and their families