Rick Renner Teaching Letter

Wow… you just signed up to receive my TEACHING LETTER… and I’m so blessed to know that you want to come into that part of our spiritual family. By “family” I mean this: what I write in that monthly letter is really from my heart and I spend hours on putting serious study into it. It only goes to a select group of people who have indicated they want to receive it. If someone has indicated they want to receive it, I see this as a real honor from the Lord and I take it very seriously.

I promise those letters are not a waste of paper or stamps, and they will not be a waste of your time. Next month’s letter, for example, took me hours to write and it’s really filled with rich word studies from the New Testament. I’ve taken all the skills and education that the Lord has enabled me to possess over the years, and I put that teaching into letter form – and when I say this is serious to me, I think you’ll soon see what I mean.

I won’t take anymore time, but before this day ended, I wanted to personally say: “welcome to the family!” If you need prayer, Denise and I and our prayer team would be thrilled to put our faith together with yours. Just let us know!

I am your friend in Jesus,


Rick Renner