“These recommended resources reflect topics I’ve devoted my life to researching and studying in-depth. I consider it an honor to offer these materials to you. It’s my prayer that they will enrich your own devotional and study time and become effective tools to help you mine something new from the Word of God.” — Rick Renner

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No Room for Compromise: A Light In Darkness, Volume Two

alid2-thumb5In No Room for Compromise: Christ’s Message to Today’s Church, Rick Renner sets forth his most prophetic book to date. With a sobering charge to Christian leadership to stand up for faith in Christ — regardless of the price required to proclaim it in its purest form — Renner’s message is a clarion call: Winds of opposition against the Church are gathering. As pagan influences continue to increase in these last days, Christianity will once again become completely out of sync with the times with its message that Christ alone is the way to the Father.

The Bible is clear that at the end of the age, the spiritual hurricane of persecution that struck the Early Church will once again slam against society with devastating consequences. God has always had His remnant who would not bow to external pressures. In these final hours of the Church Age, He will have a remnant again. Will you be among them?

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A Light In Darkness, Volume One

A Light in Darkness, Volume 1“This is the most important book I’ve ever written. It has completely transformed my life. I believe the truth it shares has the power to transform yours as well.” — Rick Renner

Step into the world of the First Century Church as Rick Renner creates a panoramic experience of unsurpassed detail to transport you into the ancient lands of the seven churches of Asia Minor. Within the context of this fascinating — and, at times, shocking — historical backdrop, Rick outlines challenges early believers faced in taking the Gospel to a pagan world. After presenting a riveting account of the apostle John’s vision of the exalted Christ on the Isle of Patmos, Rick leads you in this first volume through an in-depth study of Jesus’ messages to the churches of Ephesus and Smyrna — profoundly relevant messages that still resonate for His Church today. Faced with similar daunting challenges experienced by early believers, the modern Church must give urgent heed to what the Holy Spirit is saying in order to be equipped for the end of this age.

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Sparkling Gems From the Greek

Sparkling Gems from the Greek

In Sparkling Gems From the Greek, Rick unlocks an amazing cache of rich, enduring treasures mined from deep within the Word to unveil a wealth of brilliant wisdom and sound counsel that will enrich and redefine your life. Sparkling Gems is arranged in a devotional format with more than 1,000 in-depth Greek word studies, crafted into 365 daily devotions that are sure to inspire and provoke you to plunge deeper into your own search for more hidden treasures from God’s Word. Three exhaustive indices — an English-to-Greek index, a Greek-to-English index, and a Scripture Index — are also included, making Sparkling Gems a highly effective reference tool for your own personal study library.

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Dressed To Kill

Dressed to Kill BookDressed To Kill is considered by many to be a true classic on the subject of scriptural warfare. The original version, which sold more than 400,000 copies, is a curriculum staple in Bible schools worldwide.

Discover with exacting detail the purpose and function of each piece of Roman armor. In the process, Rick Renner describes the significance of our spiritual armor not only to withstand the onslaughts of the enemy, but also to overturn the tendencies of the carnal mind. Rick delivers a clear, scriptural presentation on the biblical definition of spiritual warfare — what it is and what it is not. He stresses, “Your unbroken, ongoing fellowship with God is your absolute guarantee that you are constantly and habitually dressed in the whole armor of God.”

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Dream Thieves

Dream Thieves Rick RennerEvery God-given dream has a significant purpose, leading ultimately to a specific destination. That’s why dream thieves show up early and repeatedly along your journey to shift your focus from opportunities to obstacles. But when you know how to respond to the dream thieves that oppose you — to refute instead of run from them — they can actually provide a service to help you become the person you need to be in order to fulfill your destiny. You must fulfill your unique purpose in life by walking in your God-ordained calling. Too many abandoned dreams litter the road of life. Don’t let your dream be one of them.

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The Ministry of the HolyMinistry of the Holy Spirit Spirit

Through the Person of the Holy Spirit, the power of God is present to help you in whatever way divine assistance is needed. As One called alongside to help, however, the Holy Spirit requires your participation in order to help you know and do God’s will for your life. In this four-CD series, Rick Renner will teach you how to take full advantage of the Holy Spirit’s ministry to you!

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Rick’s Picks Series

Rick Renner USB DriveIn this 13-message collection, Rick shares transforming insights and illustrations that will help you grow and develop in your relationship with God and people, as well as learn how to overcome betrayal, anxiety, complacency, and fear in so you can move forward and attain the destiny God ordained for you!

Messages in the “Rick’s Picks Series” include the following audio teachings:

  • How To Have Peace in Your Relationships (2 messages)
  • How To Respond When You’ve Received the Judas Kiss (6 messages)
  • Building Right Foundations (1 message)
  • How To Set Your Thoughts on Things Above (1 message)
  • Are You Backslidden? (1 message)
  • Casting Your Cares (1 message)
  • Faith To Change Your Generation (1 message)

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Coming Through Your Storm Successfully

through-storms-dvdIn “Coming Through Your Storm Successfully,” Rick Renner provides an in-depth look at the events surrounding Paul’s shipwreck described in Acts 27-28. Although shipwrecked and snake-bit on an island of barbarians, Paul remained steadfast in his trust in God and in the knowledge that he would stand before Caesar. Although obstacles appeared and circumstances seemed insurmountable, Paul chose to “shake off” those things that attempted to hinder him from reaching his destination, and you can too!

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The Apostle John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ

apostle-revelationExiled on the isle of Patmos for his faith, the apostle John experienced having his eyes opened to see into the spirit realm where he beheld the exalted Christ. In this teaching, you’ll be riveted as Rick explains the significance of the details John shared concerning Christ’s appearance. More importantly, you’ll be stirred as you understand that Jesus’ messages to His Church then is what He is speaking yet today.

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A Prophetic Alert From Rick Renner About These Perilous Times

prophalert-thumbIn these two messages, Rick Renner opens the Scriptures and expounds on current events with profound insight; then he prophetically forecasts what we can expect in the near future. The signs of the time are clearly spelled out in God’s Word, but it takes an eye of revelation to see and interpret them. That is precisely what Rick masterfully does in this two-CD series. As you listen to these two messages, you’ll understand why this is called a prophetic alert for our time!

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Spiritual Warfare Series

What does it take to “be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might” (Ephesians 6:10)? How do you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit in your daily life? In this series, Rick explains the various pieces of spiritual armor that God has given us to help us overcome every attack of the enemy. Learn how to put on the whole armor of God so you can begin walking in a new realm of supernatural power and might!

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Sparkling Gems from the Greek