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    Christmas — The Rest of the Story – Special Offer


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    Christmas — The Rest of the Story – Special Offer

    In this book, Rick Renner unfolds the story of Jesus’ birth as a Babe in a manger as you’ve probably never heard it before. Using Scripture and documented historical writings, Rick reveals in-depth:

    • the angel’s message to Mary.
    • the dreams God gave to Joseph.
    • the day of Jesus’ miraculous birth.
    • Christ’s early years fleeing from Herod with His parents.
    • the reason God came to earth clothed in human flesh.

    To help you communicate the story in your weekly messages to your church, we will provide you with the following:

    • Books to purchase at $22 each.
    • A single order of 5 or more books will include A USB containing digital watercolor images from the book and digital outlines for each chapter.

    Our goal is to get this message into as many hands as possible and to thrill them with the real “story behind the story.” This book Christmas — The Rest of the Story can help you do it!

    To ensure timely delivery of this Christmas Plan to your church, this offer is good through October 30, 2023.

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