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  • Christmas: The Rest of the Story – Free PDF Study Guide


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    Is There More to This Story?

    Do you really know the story of Christmas? Is there more to the story about the birth of our Savior than what you’ve been told?

    In this PDF study guide, Christmas – The Rest of the Story, Rick Renner dives deep into the parts of the Christmas story that most people have never heard. Rick says, “I’ve studied this story for decades, and I found fabulous treasures no one ever shared with me. In this series, we explore the Bible, history, historical writings, and so much more, so we can really understand all the events that took place surrounding the birth of Jesus!”

    Rick answers questions, like:

    • Why did God choose Mary?
    • Was Joseph really a carpenter?
    • Who were the Magi and what was the estimated value of their gifts?
    • Who were the shepherds keeping watch?
    • Why was Herod so troubled by Jesus’ birth?

    Get ready to discover the real purpose of Christmas and rediscover the awe and wonder of the greatest miracle the world has ever known.


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