Home Group – May 8, 2017

Home Group – May 8, 2017


Do You Really Want to Change?

The lame man in John 5 who met Jesus at the pool of Bethesda was about to be taken through the transition of a lifetime. But first, Jesus asked him, in effect, “Do you want to change?” Touched by the Lord, no longer would that man be lying among the infirm. No longer would someone be taking care of him for the rest of his life. Everything about him was about to enter a serious time of transformation. Change can be hard at times even if the circumstance a person is in is unfavorable. Making the shift toward deliverance, healing, freedom, and the unfettered pursuit of God’s plan for one’s life can feel very challenging. Some humble themselves and receive God’s grace for the task. Others remain in their condition because what is required of them seems too great a price to pay. What about you? Are you ready to experience “brand new and better” in your life in ways you never dreamed possible?



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