Home Group – May 22, 2017

Home Group – May 22, 2017


Pruning for More Growth, Part 1

In the parable in Matthew 25 of the master who distributes talents to three servants, Jesus is talking about Himself, us, and the callings and responsibilities He has entrusted to each one of us. The Lord is looking to see what we do with everything He has given us — our new birth, our spiritual walk with Him, the resources of our time and money, and the divine destiny He has called us to. Each one of us must have an attitude of faithfulness toward Him so that we can hear Him say in Heaven, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” There is a real Judgment Seat of Christ in our future. So let’s be willing and obedient to what God has asked us to do. It is possible to maintain a life of “no regrets” before the Lord.



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