RICK RENNER TV — How to Watch in the USA

BVOVN – Believer’s Voice of Victory Network

Main Airtime:
Wed 8:00AM EST / Wed7:00AM CST

Additional Times (subject to change):
Sun 8:30PM EST / Sun 7:30PM CST
Mon 12:30AM EST / Sun 11:30PM CST
Mon 9:30PM EST / Mon 8:30PM CST
Tue 11:30PM EST / Tue 10:30PM CST
Thu 4:00AM EST / Thu 3:00AM CST
Fri 2:00PM EST / Fri 1:00PM CST
Sat 7:00AM EST / Sat 6:00AM CST

Where to watch:
Dish Network – Ch 265
Live Streaming: http://www.bvovn.com/

Faith USA

Main Airtime:
Sun 9:30AM EST / Sun 8:30AM CST

Additional Times (subject to change):
Tue 9:30AM EST / Tue 8:30AM CST
Wed 7:00PM EST / Wed 6:00PM CST
Thu 9:30AM EST / Thu 8:30AM CST

Where to watch:
Dish Network Ch.269
KUGB Ch 28.5 – Houston, TX (Sundays only)
WSJZ Ch 33 – Philadelphia, PA
WJGV-CD (Gospel Vision TV) Palatka, FL
Live-Streaming: www.myfaithusa.com
Faith USA App, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV and Truli


Main Airtime:
Sun 7:30AM EST / Sun 6:30AM CST

Where to watch:
DIRECTV – Ch. 363
KGEB Ch 53.1 – Tulsa, OK (also available locally on COX Ch 1023 and AT&T Verse)
KUGB Ch 28.1 – Houston, TX
KXAT Ch 1.2 – San Jose, CA
WACX Ch 55.3 – Orlando, FL
Live Streaming: http://gebamerica.com/
Roku, Apple TV and GEB Mobile App.

GospelTruth.tv (on-line channel)

Main Airtime:
Sun 9:00AM EST / Sun 8:00AM CST

Additional Times (subject to change):
Sun 9:00PM EST / Sun 8:00PM CST
Sat 9:00AM EST / Sat 8:00AM CST

Where to watch:
Live Streaming: https://www.gospeltruth.tv/

VTN Victory Television Network – Arkansas

Main Airtime:
Tue 7:30PM CST

Additional Time (subject to change):
Fri 9:30AM CST

Where to watch:
KVTN-DT Ch. 25 – Little Rock, AR
KVTN-DT Ch. 26 – Hot Springs, AR
KVTJ-DT Ch. 48 – Jonesboro, AR
Available on multiple cable systems as well as on local DIRECTV and Dish Network (on HD)
Live-Streaming; https://www.vtntv.com/

RICK RENNER TV — How to Watch in the UK

Faith UK

Main Airtime:
Wed 7:00PM GMT

Additional Time (subject to change):
Tue 2:00AM GMT

Where to watch:
SKY UK Ch 595
Live-Streaming: http://www.myfaithuk.com/


Revelation TV

Main Airtime:
Thu 7:30PM GMT

Additional Time (subject to change):
Wed 6:30AM GMT (as of March 2018)

Where to watch:
SKY UK Ch 581
Freesat Ch 692
Freeview HD Ch 264
Live-Streaming: http://revelationtv.com/
ROKU, Kindle Fire and Apple TV

RICK RENNER TV — How to Watch in the Africa

Faith Africa – South Africa & Africa

Main Airtime:
Sun 11:30PM CAT

Where to Watch:
DStv Ch.341 and MultiChoice
Live-Streaming: http://www.myfaithafrica.com/

Faith Terrestrial – Africa

Main Airtime:
Sun 11:30PM CAT

Where to watch:
Over-the-air on the Eastern Cape province of South Africa (and rest of Africa)


Flow TV Africa

Main Airtime:
Sun 11:30PM CAT

Where to watch:
Kwesé Ch. 825 (Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania, including Zanzibar).
Also available in Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria and Zambia.

Rick Renner is also available on Roku, Android TV, Fire TV and Apple TV.


Faith USA
Mon-Sun 12:55PM EST / Mon-Sun 11:55AM CST

Faith UK
Mon-Fri 12:25PM GMT and Sat & Sun 5:55AM GMT

Faith Africa
Mon-Fri 12:55PM CAT and Sat & Sun 10:55AM CAT

Faith Terrestrial
Mon-Fri 12:55PM CAT and Sat & Sun 10:55AM CAT

Flow TV Africa
Mon-Fri 12:55PM CAT and Sat & Sun 10:55AM CAT

Various Times

Date and Program Title

1/1/2018 — Say Goodbye to the Past
1/2/2018  — Determination
1/3/2018 — Taking Authority Over Your Flesh
1/4/2018 — Discipline
1/5/2018 — The Big Test
1/6/2018 — Commitment to Relationships
1/7/2018 — Scripture!
1/8/2018 — Relax Every Once in a While!
1/9/2018 — The Life-Changing Impact of God’s Power!
1/10/2018 — Do Your Best To Be at Peace With Everyone
1/11/2018 — The Holy Spirit — The Great Revealer!
1/12/2018 — Abstain From All Appearance of Evil
1/13/2018 — Don’t Give Up on Your Seed!
1/14/2018 — Separated For A Purpose
1/15/2018 — Don’t Render Evil for Evil
1/16/2018 — What Kind of a Special Vessel Are You?
1/17/2018 — It’s Time for You To Quit Comparing Yourself to Others!
1/18/2018 — What Are You Building?
1/19/2018 — Could You Survive a Fire?
1/20/2018 — What Is God Seeking?
1/21/2018 — The Most Important Requirement!
1/22/2018 — Be Specific When You Pray!
1/23/2018 — Be Ready to Answer Every Men
1/24/2018 — An Overflowing and Thankful Heart
1/25/2018 — What Has God Separated You To Do?
1/26/2018 — Stop Wrestling and Start Resting!
1/27/2018 — Golden Candlesticks!
1/28/2018 — Why Candlesticks?
1/29/2018 — Out-of-the-Ordinary Miracles!
1/30/2018 — Ministry for Shut-Ins
1/31/2018 — The Great Refiner!

2/1/2018 — What To Do When Someone Tries to Ruin Your Reputation
2/2/2018 — What To Do When Your Spirit Is Inwardly Disturbed
2/3/2018 — What Is Godly Sorrow
2/4/2018 — Flee Fornication!
2/5/2018 — What Does Patience Look Like?
2/6/2018 — Do You Know the Role
2/7/2018 — Do Early Beginnings
2/8/2018 —God’s Spirit Dwells in You!
2/9/2018 — God’s Payback System
2/10/2018 — Continue in Watchful Prayer
2/11/2018 — What Does It Mean To Be Blameless?
2/12/2018 — Presenting Every Man Perfect in Christ
2/13/2018 — Coming Into Compliance With God’s Will
2/14/2018 — Escorted Into the Love of God
2/15/2018 — A Demonstration of the Power of God!
2/16/2018 — Does the Mention of Someone’s Name
2/17/2018 — Should You Ever Ask God for an Explanation?
2/18/2018 — God’s Guarantee
2/19/2018 — Fight the Good Fight of Faith!
2/20/2018 — Set Your Affection on Things Above
2/21/2018 — Possessing a Trouble Free Heart
2/22/2018 — Praying With Boldness
2/23/2018 — Corrupt Communication
2/24/2018 — Run!
2/25/2018 — The Holy Spirit Will Show You What to Say
2/26/2018 — Forgiven
2/27/2018 — Dead to Sin
2/28/2018 — Hoodwinked in the Last Days!