Besides pastoring the Moscow Good News Church in Russia and hosting a TV program that can be seen around the world, Rick and Denise Renner maintain an active public-ministry schedule. Their itinerary includes visits to the United States for approximately 12 weeks each year, as well as to many parts of Europe and wherever the Lord leads them!

In the U.S., the Renners minister in meetings from coast to coast, where they are thrilled to meet new partners for the first time — and, of course, they are so encouraged by the familiar faces of long-time supporters of RENNER Ministries. Whether it’s ministry in the local church, to students in seminary, or to other ministers in conferences across the globe — Rick and Denise prize the opportunities God opens to them to teach and preach the Gospel and strengthen His people. Their goal is to fortify the foundation under those they minister to so that people can build or rebuild their lives and prosper for the glory of God.

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