In the early 1990s, life in Russia was hard for many people. When a young woman named Lilit moved to Moscow from a neighboring country, she became burdened not only for those who were scratching out a meager living, but for those who were struggling to stay alive. She began going to them, climbing through basements, tunnels, and alleyways with small meals and a gleam of hope to offer them.

Today RENNER Ministries supports Lilit’s thriving ministry that now feeds hundreds of homeless and needy every week! On the streets and in state shelters, House of Mercy provides food and clothing as well as the saving message of Jesus Christ!

Lilit and her husband are also foster parents to 30 children who had been orphaned or abandoned — offering them a future that would have otherwise been stolen. In addition to raising their own children, this couple has lovingly fostered hundreds of children over the years, teaching them life skills, sending them to school, developing their gifts and talents — and most of all introducing them to their Savior and teaching them His Word.

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