Not everyone experiences a sense of awe and merriment at Christmastime. Many are confronted with brokenness in their lives and the painful emotions that go along with it, especially at this time of year.

If you’ve ever been blamed for something you didn’t do or that wasn’t your fault, you know what a miserable experience this is. There is nothing worse than being blamed for someone else’s misdeeds.

In light of how graciously God has forgiven us, it’s difficult for me to imagine why any of us would refuse to forgive someone else for an offense. Certainly we are all guilty or worthy of blame!

We are all growing and maturing in the God-kind of love. It should be our aim to participate in God’s love in our personal lives and then manifest His love to those around us.

It is essential that you and I make a decision individually about how we’re going to react when something occurs that makes us feel inferior, unappreciated, unwanted, unloved, or rejected.

As you think of how people have wronged you, does it affect your desire to love them? The Holy Spirit can empower you to love people consistently regardless of what they did or didn’t do.

As you make time to rest this summer, I want to encourage you to really think about what might be cluttering and “over-busying” your heart and soul, and causing you anxiety and unrest.

I want to encourage you this month about preventing frustration that comes from leaning to your own understanding and trying to live life in your wisdom and strength.

Believers understand at various levels that God’s great plan of redemption, including Christ’s resurrection, was a manifestation of the greatest love ever bestowed upon mankind.

The Church is the most precious, priceless thing in the whole world to Jesus. He shed His blood to bring it forth. He sanctified it with His blood — and He’s coming back for it one day.


If we want to honor the Holy Spirit, we’ll have to do it by the way we live our lives. We’re not perfect, but if we do something that hints of displeasing Him, we can quickly recognize it and turn from that behavior.


The applause of men is a reward that is very short-lived, but the applause of God lasts for all eternity. If you do what Jesus has called you to do with a right heart — you, too, will receive this eternal reward.


Christmas can be a time when many feel deep anguish and pain over some great loss in their lives. Not only is God the God of all mercies and comfort, He is the Healer and Restorer of broken hearts and lives.


We have been commanded to put on the love of God like a garment. Paul wrote in Colossians 3:14, “And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.”


Perhaps you have diligently put your hand to the plow of seeking God and growing in the knowledge of Him every day. I want to encourage you that your diligence and faithfulness have not been in vain.

Rick Renner Podcast