If You Missed The Renner Partner & TV Family Meeting, You Can Watch It Here

This is a recording of our July 17th historic online service, you can watch it by clicking here! All offers were valid during the live event only. We featured our Russian music team who  led praise and worship in English. Two of our sons, Paul Renner and Joel Renner, spoke briefly with ministry updates and words of exhortation. Denise ministered in song, and I delivered a message that God put on my heart just for you.

Testing the Supernatural

How to Biblically Test Dreams, Visions, Revelations, and Spiritual Manifestations

In his book Testing the Supernatural — How To Biblically Test Visions, Dreams, Revelations, and Spiritual Manifestations, Rick Renner carefully and scripturally lays out how to tell what is and isn’t the voice of God and what is and isn’t a true manifestation from Heaven.

As a special thank you, during the the meeting, we will be offering a special downloadable version during the event until midnight CST! Make sure to request your digital copy via the online form when you join us for the meeting!

Become a Partner!

Partnership was conceived by God to unite people — their abilities and their resources — to achieve one goal. When we join forces in partnership, we are able to accomplish amazing things for the Kingdom of God! Together, we can do something that will affect lives for eternity.

Partnership flows in both directions. When you partner with Rick Renner Ministries, you also have a team here who is dedicated to pray for you and your needs. Whether you contact us by phone, mail, email, or online, we are here to receive your prayer requests and hold you up in faith, expecting God to move in your life.

Rick’s Latest Book! Last-Days Survival Guide

Rick’s newest book Last-Days Survival Guide — A Scriptural Handbook will be released this summer!

In this book, Rick guides readers through the passage in Second Timothy 3 that tells us exactly the signs of the times that are coming — many of which are already here in full force! This is no time to cower in fear at the events that are occurring rapid-fire on the earth. We were born for such a time as this! Right now, for a limited time, you can order this book at the pre-release price of $17.50 — 30% OFF the retail price of $25.00!

Click the button below to pre-order your copy, or copies, TODAY!

House of Mercy — RENNER Ministries has created an opportunity for many of the homeless in Moscow to receive help and care several times a week.

Golden Age Ministry — A weekly service attended by hundreds of seniors. The Gospel is ministered, and many come to Christ just in time — in their “golden age” of life.

Do You Need Prayer?

Do you have a need and you’re wishing you had someone to pray with you who has a compassionate heart and knows how to stand in faith?

When we receive your prayer request, Denise and I and our prayer team will begin agreeing with you in prayer according to Matthew 18:19. Sometimes it is hard to know how to pray, so we’ll ask the Holy Spirit to help us pray according to His Word.




Caring for our partners is the heart of who we are.  We understand that our partners play a huge part in the work of RENNER Ministries, and we know that the relationship goes both ways.  Our volunteers help us minister to our partners daily and play a vital role in allowing us to reach as many people as possible with the hope found in Jesus.

If you live in the Tulsa area and are interested in volunteering at RENNER Ministries, please fill out our volunteer questionnaire. Someone from our office will get in touch with you about our current volunteer opportunities.

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