Emergency Relief Packages


Give to Relief Packages

There have been questions about what our biggest needs are at this time and whether we can receive funds for our ministry. We have no problems receiving funds right now, BUT — inflation is already spiraling in light of these events and driving expenses up. In addition to ministering to people and spreading the Gospel with no interruptions, we NOW desperately need to provide relief to many who have been displaced and who are suffering. The situation is so volatile that things are changing rapidly — hour by hour. But you can do something right now that will make a huge difference in people’s lives.

We have a plan to provide different kinds of relief to displaced people, but we need funds to be able to do it. Our plan is to provide food, blankets, and personal-care items and to distribute them through our group of churches in the region. If you would like to help us reach out to those in need, please give here.

Paying Off the Tulsa Facility


Help Pay Off the Tulsa Facility

We are now in Phase 3 of this exciting Ministry Expansion Project that God is enabling us to accomplish. This part of the project entails completing the last touches of the interior of the Moscow TV studio and paying off in full our Tulsa ministry building. If you are not already a part, I’m asking you to please pray about becoming a member of this giving team.

As I’ve said before, this project is not just about buildings. It’s about having space to create solid, Bible-based programming that will change people’s lives — and space from which to minister to the increasing number of people God is sending to us. They are reaching out for prayer and resources to keep them established and strengthened on a foundation they can build their lives on victoriously. Denise and I and our team are praying for God to magnificently and massively multiply your giving back to you again.