Renner Ministries Building Dedication

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Thank you for joining us for this joyful occasion! We’ll have a few special friends of the ministry joining Denise and me, and we believe it will be a wonderful time together as we give thanks for what the Lord has done. We do what we do because of the Lord’s call on our lives and due to the faithfulness of your prayers and the generous giving of our partners.

Our new building in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, serves as our ministry headquarters in the United States. It is staffed by faithful team members who co-labor with us to bring the teaching of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the nations of the earth. At this new facility, we take thousands of calls from people from all over the world, we produce TV programs, social media, fulfill orders, and give away thousands of resources to people who look to us because they believe we provide teaching they can trust.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this event today!

Rick and Denise Renner
along with Paul, Philip, Joel and our entire ministry team


Pressing Through Fear, Offense, and
Negative Opinions to Fulfill God’s Purpose

In her NEW book Unstoppable, Denise Renner brings fresh insight from God’s Word on how to overcome key hindrances that the enemy exploits to clog up our supply — whether it’s fear of man, rejection, unforgiveness, other people’s negative opinions, or even our own poor opinion of ourselves.

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Who Stole Cinderella?

Who Stole Cinderella? The Art of ‘Happily Ever After’ by Denise Renner — with a Foreword written by Rick Renner — is a popular book among both women and men!

Denise’s accompanying 16-video online series (School of Cinderella) is designed for women, both individuals and groups, to improve their personal lives, their marriages, and all their relationships. Denise has received more than 1,000 testimonies from women whose lives have been enriched — and many who have been rescued — by these amazing lessons.

Cinderella Testimony: I was married in my late 20’s. I met my husband at church, and it was so perfect when we dated. But everything changed after we married. We could not communicate the right way. Our feelings for each other became dull and dead. Our baby was born, and it became one more trial. We drifted apart more and more. Although I never was sick before, I began to be sick and even went to the hospital. Through these teachings, I began to see my mistakes, and I can honestly testify that hope and grace came into my heart I hadn’t know before. As a result, there have been permanent changes in me and my marriage. — Rada


Words of Encouragement

In a world where we are bombarded with news 24/7 that can become so discouraging, let Denise encourage you and brighten your day with Good News from the Word of God! These short, uplifting messages entitled, “Encouragement From Denise Renner” are a great way to start your day and improve your outlook with powerful, positive thoughts from the Bible.

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Denise Renner

Denise Renner