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Teaching the World via TV and Various Media

Since its inception, the TV ministry of RENNER Ministries has been proclaiming the Gospel throughout the former Soviet Union, reaching a potential audience of 70 million. Program topics address a wide variety of common concerns: improving marriage and family relationships, parenting effectively, dealing with depression, protecting children from substance abuse, and motivating youth to pursue their dreams and goals. Additionally, for more than 20 years, RENNER Ministries has enabled American-based ministries to broadcast their television programs in the Russian language by providing an assortment of production, partner care, and product-fulfillment services in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Mongolia, and the United States. And more recently, our TV ministry has expanded that potential audience to untold numbers in many parts of the world by adding several satellite networks. Utilizing the latest technology applications, this ground-breaking television ministry heralds the Gospel day and night through local television and cable television throughout the former USSR, as well as through satellite, live-streaming and archived programming, computer downloads, and Renner YouTube and LightSource video broadcasts. Today RENNER Ministries regularly produces three daily programs that air in Russia:

The Renners’ flagship program, Good News With Rick Renner, remains a favorite and went global via the Internet in 2008. It was followed by Refuel With Rick, a short, online daily devotional program that brought Rick’s rich teaching to an even broader audience via the Web each week. A consummate communicator, Rick Renner has attracted attention beyond the shores of Russia and Europe — even extending across the ocean to the United States — through his teaching via television ministry. Rick and Denise are frequently invited to appear on U.S. television and have been guests on the following TV networks and programs:

Good News With Rick Renner and Refuel With Rick can be viewed daily on Light Source, an online Christian source for streaming video or video podcasts. LightSource features Christian videos, TV shows, and ministry programs from favorite pastors, speakers, authors, and Christian television ministers.


View Rick’s teaching ministry on video via his own YouTube ?hannel! Here you’ll find an assortment of Rick’s characteristically rich teaching on a variety of subjects. These video messages will deepen your understanding of God’s Word, strengthen you in your walk with the Lord, and help you discover practical insights on how to live victoriously in Christ and fulfill God’s dreams for your life.


Communication Through Social Media

Rick Renner Ministries actively communicates with people via social media. The following are the social media sites used by this ministry to communicate with the English-speaking and Russia-speaking world:

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