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Rick Renner, Author

Rick RennerRick Renner is a highly respected teacher and author within the Christian community, both in the U.S. and abroad. His teaching ministry is widely acknowledged as extraordinarily insightful and clear as he consistently lays a foundation of sound doctrine while drawing out rich meanings from the original Greek language. He uniquely combines in his writings these exceptional scriptural insights with practical knowledge, drawn both from his personal experience and from history. His easy-to-understand, faith-filled approach to the Bible appeals to ministers, students of the Word, and laypersons alike.

Rick has authored more than 30 books in English and Russian, many of which have also been translated into German, French, Ukrainian, and Portuguese. His popular and best-selling titles include:

Sparkling Gems From the Greek is a comprehensive devotional with more than 1,000 in-depth Greek word studies presented in 365 daily devotions. Sparkling Gems has continued to have a far-reaching appeal to a cross-denominational audience for more than a decade. We also feature Sparkling Gems every day on Rick’s blog and send out a Sparkling Gems email daily devotional.

Dressed To Kill: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Armor is considered by many to be a true classic on the subject of scriptural spiritual warfare and has become a curriculum staple in many Bible schools worldwide.

A Light in Darkness: Seven Messages to the Churches, Volume One is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge — Rick Renner’s authoritative first volume of his extraordinary book series called A Light in Darkness. With richly detailed historical narrative, classic artwork, and beautiful photographs shot on location at archeological sites, this book will make the lands and the message of the Bible come alive to you as never before.

In No Room for Compromise: A Light in Darkness, Volume Two, Rick Renner sets forth his most prophetic book to date. With a sobering charge to Christian leadership to stand up for faith in Christ — regardless of the price required to proclaim it in its purest form — Renner’s message is a clarion call: Winds of opposition against the Church are gathering.

Other Rick Renner titles include:

Denise Renner, Author

Denise RennerDenise has authored three books that have inspired many to lay aside weights of shame and bitterness and to boldly respond to the calling on their lives. Her titles include: Redeemed From Shame, The Gift of Forgiveness, and Do You Know What Time It Is? Philip, an aspiring author who is currently working on his first book, communicates a passionate emphasis on the power and fulfillment of a consecrated, Spirit-led life.

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In addition, you can sign up to become a Rick Renner Reader. RRR is a group of interested readers of Rick Renner books who receive periodic updates from him regarding his current book projects. These updates include glimpses into Rick’s writing process, as well as samples of his yet-unpublished writings from his ongoing projects.

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