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Rehabilitation Centers

Songs, testimonies, Bible teaching, and words of encouragement convey to hopeless people the assurance of God’s willingness and ability to restore to them a life worth living. Through our outreach to drug-and-alcohol hospitals and rehabilitation centers, practical gifts are also given to meet the desperate need for cleanliness and health. For those patients who choose to connect with the Moscow Good News Church upon their release, RENNER Ministries provides additional teaching to assist them in their recovery as they reclaim their spiritual and emotional freedom and re-enter society.

We regularly visit several of these rehabilitation centers, notably at the request of authorities in those facilities. Repeatedly, we have been told by directors and staff that patients demonstrate improvement after our visits and that their return rates significantly diminish as a result. At the nine facilities we regularly visit, more than 450 patients and 70 workers hear the Gospel, receive prayer, and accept gift bags — all tangible demonstrations of the love of God in action.

Drug-and-alcohol hospitals and rehabilitation centers represent a key area of focus in our outreaches to those in need of rescuing. In addition, we’ve been granted access to more than 1,100 children in closed institutions — such as youth prisons, children’s mental hospitals, and treatment centers. With each visit to each of these institutions, we provide both ministry from the Word of God and practical ministry as we donate gift bags containing Bibles, hygiene products, prayer cards, and candy.


Experiencing the presence of God being poured out on hungry souls is what RENNER Ministries teams witness as they regularly conduct outreaches to the incarcerated. The love of God softens inmates’ hardened hearts as they receive our ministry teams and take in the beauty of a violin solo, a powerful hymn, a testimony of a life transformed, or a message of forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

And our teams never go empty-handed into a prison! Basic hygiene items, house slippers, paper, pens, Bibles, and teaching materials are always welcome gifts — and the fragrance of our message and our giving lingers long after the team members disappear through the last locked gate.

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