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A Financial Support for Missionaries Worldwide

It has always been a key focus of this ministry to provoke others to fulfill their God-given destiny, to stir up the gifts of God within His people, and to teach and train leaders as laborers for His harvest. One way RENNER Ministries furthers that focus is by financially and materially supporting dedicated missionaries and pastors who reside in countries throughout the world.

Examples of the type of care and support we have been blessed to make available include: prosthetic limbs, dental and medical care, medicine, buildings, vehicles, sound equipment, curriculum materials, firewood or coal to provide heat in winter, as well as financial support to help these men and women of God remain in the places where God has led them in His plan for their lives.

Some examples of the ministries and missionaries we help support are as follows:

  • In Vietnam, we help support five different Bible schools.
  • In Ukraine, we support multiple pastors, churches, and foreign missionaries.
  • In the Palestinian territory, we are the largest supporter of a Palestinian Protestant pastor who has had five attempts on his life to date.
  • In Latvia, we are the primary supporter of several pastors.
  • In Mongolia, we support a wonderful local ministry.
  • In Russia, we help support a major Christian music ministry, a Russian Christian leader who is vital to the Church in this region of the world, and a large number of foreign missionaries and Russian ministries.

Only Heaven can reward the missionaries for the sacrifices they’re willing to endure for the sake of reaching the unreached. But we count it a privilege to undergird their efforts by strengthening them to remain in position and move forward with the mission they have committed to fulfill. You can rest assured that your gifts will help supply the means not only for this ministry team to press forward to fulfill our divine assignment, but also for many other vital ministries to be helped that work so faithfully on the mission field.

Please click on the video below to hear Rick talk more about the ministry’s support for missionaries.

If you would like to make a donation or partner with us to help support this outreach or area of our ministry, you can click here to make a tax-deductible contribution. If you would like to know more about this or any of our many outreaches, we invite you to use the form below to send us your questions. When you have completed the form below, your message will go to the appropriate person in the RENNER Ministries office.

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