Impart Pastors Fellowship

A Free Online Resource and Ministerial Fellowship

IMPART is a free online resource for both English- and Russian-speaking pastors and ministers. The idea for IMPART was born out of Rick Renner’s desire to provide others with the same quality investment of information, counsel, and encouragement that he has drawn from throughout his own ministry.

The purpose of the IMPART online magazine is to mentor, teach, and strengthen men and women who are either preparing to enter or who are already engaged in some aspect of active ministry. In addition to offering a wealth of insight from Rick’s own personal studies and experiences, IMPART offers a rich collection of material relevant to ministers of the Gospel for the unique roles God has called them to fulfill. IMPART magazine provides invaluable teaching and practical information from some of the best pastors, teachers, lawyers, accountants, and other ministers and professionals in the Christian community. To view this valuable resource in English, visit

Strengthening Leaders

Strengthening and establishing the Body of Christ by teaching and training church leaders have always been a focus for Rick and Denise Renner. That’s why they founded the Good News Association of Pastors and Churches throughout the former Soviet Union, an organization whose membership has climbed over the years to number more than 700 participating churches.

In an effort to expand their ability to minister to these leaders, the Renners recently reorganized this outreach, creating the IMPART Pastors Fellowship in its place. Utilizing modern Web technology, this organization has been reestablished to throw open its doors as wide as possible so anyone called to the ministry can participate. Russian-speaking ministers from every part of the Body of Christ are invited to freely access the Russian-language IMPART website and to attend IMPART regional conferences both in person and online. This allows the IMPART Pastors Fellowship to reach beyond member churches and across denominational lines, providing teaching, counsel, and networking to a greater body of Russian-speaking leaders who serve the Lord in the former USSR and beyond.

Through these various avenues of outreach to ministers, we at RENNER Ministries have stretched our hands and our hearts across the nations to strengthen, encourage, and present our experience and wholehearted assistance to other pastors and leaders in order to further His Kingdom.

Please click on the video below to hear Rick share more about this outreach to ministers.

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