Frequently Asked Questions

Rick and Denise’s Itinerary

How do I invite the Renners to minister in my church?

Rick and Denise spend parts of January-February and July-August ministering at churches and conferences in the U.S. and also doing TV programs for various ministries. For more information about their speaking schedule or how to invite them to minister, please contact their assistant Beth Parker in the Tulsa office at 918-496-3213 or

When will Rick and Denise be ministering in the States?

For itinerary information, please click here.

How often do Rick and Denise come to the States?

Rick and Denise regularly minister twice a year in the United States, usually in January-February and July-August.

The Renner Family

Will Rick ever conduct a tour of the Holy Land or to the sites of the seven churches of the book of Revelation?

No plans to conduct tours are underway at this time, but a “Seven Churches” Tour of Turkey is being considered for a future date.

What kind of vocal training does Denise have?

Denise’s vocal training began when she was 15 years old and began singing in her local church choir. Her formal training began at Oklahoma Baptist University, and she later studied at University of Oklahoma, where she earned her degree in Music Performance. After moving to the former USSR, Denise also studied at the J?zeps V?tols Latvian Academy of Music (VLMA), formerly Riga Conservatory, under Gunta Studa and briefly in Moscow with the renowned Galina Kuznetsova, one of the top singers at the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre and the Novaya Opera Theatre.

Does Denise still sing and publicly perform and minister in music? Can you tell me anything about her past musical performances?

Yes, Denise regularly ministers in music in the Moscow Good News Church, in Rick’s meetings as he travels, in her own ministry meetings, and in special concerts for the Vitamin Club/Golden Age ministry — the largest concert numbering approximately 16,000 in attendance. Denise has also ministered in music at Joyce Meyer conferences, at Dr. Yonggi Cho’s church in Seoul, and on television with Richard and Lindsay Roberts, Jim Bakker, and Dino Kartsonakis. Some of Denise’s operatic performances include leading roles, such as:

  • Countess Rosina Almaviva in Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro”
  • Maddelena in Verdi’s “Rigoletto”
  • The Third Lady in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”
  • The Mother in Menotti’s “Amahl and the Night Visitors”
  • Zita in Puccini’s “Gianni Schicchi”
  • Gertrud and the Gingerbread Witch in Humperdinck’s “Hansel and Gretel” 

Besides performing in public concerts in Latvia, Lithuania, and India before combined audiences of more than 500,000 people, Denise has also performed with the Houston Grand Opera, the Cimarron Circuit Opera, the Basel Symphony Orchestra in Switzerland — and at the St. Petersburg Great Hall with the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra and the State Kremlin Palace with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, where she was a featured soloist with the Merging Musical Worlds Concert Tour of Russia. Denise’s talent has become well-known in Moscow — she is loved by a large group of Russian admirers!

How many musical recordings has Denise made over the years?

Denise has done several tape and CD recordings over the years and has written a multitude of original worship songs that are sung regularly in churches throughout the Russian-speaking world.

The following are just some of Denise’s recorded collections of music:

  • “Songs About the Cross”  •  Purchase
  • “Classical Praise From the Heart” (English and Russian)  •  Purchase
  • “Glory and Honor” (English and Russian)
  • “Your Kingdom Comes” (Russian)

I heard that Philip is also musically talented. Can you tell me about his music ministry?

Philip’s music ministry gained broad recognition throughout Russia when he won a prestigious nationwide music competition several years ago, similar to “American Idol” in the U.S. Since then, Philip has gained increasing recognition for his musical writings, arrangements, and translations. Now with several albums to his credit, Philip’s music ministry has created an international platform for him to live out his passion to reach, strengthen, and equip young people with the Word and the Spirit of God. The following are some of Philip’s recorded music:

Philip receives more invitations to minister each year than his schedule permits him to accept. His traveling ministry includes ministering at conferences, seminars, church meetings, and youth events — and he often travels with his entire band. Philip’s musical talent is in great demand all over the former USSR, where he is recognized as a ministry leader not only for his experience in youth ministry, but also for his cutting-edge expertise in praise and worship.

Is it true that Philip not only writes music for himself, but also for secular musicians and singers?

A prolific songwriter and lyricist, Philip has gained nationwide recognition for his musical writings, arrangements, and translations. Secular artists in Russia seek him out for his exceptional talent, which has become a bold witness throughout the nation and the music industry there. Secular musicians who want their music to make it “big” in the English-speaking world need help with translation, as most do not write lyrics in English. Therefore, Philip has become a major source for writing lyrics for famous Russian artists. Philip’s lyrics are regularly heard on MTV on the videos of household-name artists and on European TV. For Philip, music has become an effective means to open many doors and hearts as he uses his talent to share the Gospel both in the former Soviet Union and abroad.

What do Rick and Denise’s sons do in the ministry?

Paul serves as Associate Pastor of the Moscow Good News Church, oversees the IMPART Pastors Fellowship, and sits on several boards for leading Protestant organizations that affect all of Russia. Paul is a founding member of the Russian GMA (Gospel Music Association), and he speaks at churches and conferences all over the Russian-speaking world. Philip is the Youth Pastor of MGNC and a Minister of Music with an itinerate ministry to churches, youth leaders, and music ministers in the former USSR and abroad. Joel is Co-Director of the Media Mir Television Network and he is the International Director of RENNER Ministries, overseeing offices in Tulsa, Moscow, and Kiev.

How long has the Renner family been in the former Soviet Union?

The Renners officially moved to the former USSR in October 1991. Although their ministry in the U.S. and other nations has grown remarkably since that time, they have lived continuously in the former USSR since 1991 and consider it their home.

Does Rick Renner preach in English in Russia?

Yes. Although Rick is considered fluent in the Russian language, he is still assisted by an interpreter when he ministers at the Moscow Good News Church and in the Russian-speaking world. Conversational Russian and the level of Russian required to teach in-depth are very different, so Rick has chosen to stay with a high-level interpreter — although on a daily basis and in the normal course of life, his Russian skills are more than adequate, and he needs no interpreter.

Is his whole Renner family fluent in Russian?

All the Renner sons speak and read Russian fluently, and it is the primary language spoken in their homes, with English as a secondary language. Because English is an international language, the Renner grandchildren are being raised to be bilingual, proficient in both Russian and English. All the Renner sons married lovely Russian women, and although it is rare to hear English spoken in a Russian home, the Renner sons and their wives are making a serious attempt to teach their children English as a second language.

Do Rick and Denise plan to return to the U.S. to live?

The Renners are permanent residents of Russia and have no plans to permanently return to the United States. They minister in many churches in the U.S. twice a year, but their home, their sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren live in Moscow, and this is where they plan to spend the rest of their lives.

Television Ministry

How many total responses has RENNER Ministries received over the years from its television ministry in the former USSR?

It’s difficult to answer that question, but requests for prayer and teaching materials, as well as testimonies and praise reports, to us number in the “millions” as a result of the Media Mir broadcasts. We answer and keep each letter we receive, and we pray diligently over each prayer request that comes into our offices.

How many people can view the television programs broadcast by your television network?

We currently broadcast to a potential viewing audience of 90 million people in the former USSR. This doesn’t mean 90 million people actually watch the programs — this is the number of people who can potentially view our various programs. When satellite coverage is included, the potential viewing audience grows to more than 4 billion people across the earth!

How many nations can view programs aired by Media Mir?

Currently, Media Mir programming can be viewed in 12 nations: Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, and Ukraine. As previously noted, because of our expanded satellite coverage, many more nations of the world — including the United States — can now view Media Mir programming.

Does Media Mir broadcast programs to the Russian-speaking world for other ministries besides RENNER Ministries?

Yes, Media Mir broadcasts other ministries’ programs, including Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying Everyday Life”; Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s “Believer’s Voice of Victory”; and Creflo Dollar’s “Changing Your World.”


How many books has Rick Renner written?

Rick has authored more than 30 titles, many of which have been translated into a combined total of 9 languages — English, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, French, German, Polish, Uzbek, and Portuguese.

Is Sparkling Gems From the Greek available in Spanish or other languages?

At this time, Sparkling Gems is available only in English and Russian.

Does Rick recommend any teaching aids that can assist in understanding New Testament Greek?

Over the years, Rick has recommended to his IMPART ministerial audience various resources for studying New Testament Greek, including:

  1. Word Meanings in the New Testament by Ralph Earle
  2. New International Dictionary of New Testament Theologyby Verlyn D. Verbrugge
  3. Word Pictures in the New Testament by A.T. Robertson
  4. New Testament Words by William Barclay
  5. Word Studies in the Greek New Testament (four-volume set) by Kenneth Wuest
  6. The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament by Cleon Rogers Jr. and Cleon Rogers III
  7. Vine’s Expository Dictionary by W.E. Vine.

Are the books Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Demons and Merchandising the Anointing still available?

Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Demons was Rick’s first book and first bestseller, but it is currently out of print. Merchandising the Anointing is no longer available in English, although it is available in Russian and Portuguese under a different title.

When will Sparkling Gems, Volume Two be available for purchase?

The estimated publishing date for Sparkling Gems, Volume Two is sometime in 2014. About this volume, Rick says, “I believe Sparkling Gems, Volume Two will exceed Volume One in so many ways. I am excited to get it into the hands of readers!”

When will A Light in Darkness, Volume Two be available for purchase?

A Light in Darkness, Volume Two has grown as Rick has been writing it. Originally, the plan was for the second volume to cover the churches at Pergamum and Thyatira, but as Rick began writing, a world of information unfolded — thus, the second volume will be about 700 pages long and will deal extensively and exclusively with the Pergamum church. Rick will also cover the pagan atmosphere of the First Century, how it affected the Church, and how this same type of pagan atmosphere is being repeated in the world today. A Light in Darkness, Volume Two is truly a prophetic book that is slated for publication at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014.

When will Living in the Combat Zone be available again?

Living in the Combat Zone, which is one of Rick’s earlier books, is presently being reedited and updated. It will be rereleased in 2013 after having been out of print for many years. For most readers, this will be a brand-new book!

When will Rick complete his interpretive translation of the Greek New Testament?

Several years ago, Rick began to work on an interpretive translation of the New Testament. However, due to the intense study required to write Sparkling Gems From the Greek, Volumes One and Two, and A Light in Darkness, Volume One and A Light in Darkness, Volume Two, this interpretive translation has been put on hold.

What is the title of Rick's next book to be published?

If you were to ask Rick, he would tell you that his personal favorite book that he has authored is The Point of No Return, a book that has been out of print for years, but which has recently been reedited for both print and eBook formats. It will also be available as a hardbound book in 2013.

RENNER Ministries and Moscow Good News Church

What is the primary purpose or calling of RENNER Ministries?

From their beginnings as itinerant teachers and ministers more than 30 years ago, Rick and Denise have been called to “Teach All Nations” according to Matthew 28:19. Ever since that time — for more than three decades — the Renners have been fulfilling that call through the many teaching, strengthening, and rescuing departments and outreaches of RENNER Ministries and the Moscow Good News Church, including: TV ministry, social media, the printed page, public meetings, and the many mercy outreaches conducted by the Renners, their ministry staff, and teams of volunteers. RENNER Ministries was established for the purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and extending the influence of the power of God’s Word into every sphere of life. The mission of this ministry is organized around three concepts:

  1. Teaching God’s Word through television, books and other printed materials, the Internet, teaching letters, audio and video materials, church meetings and seminars, and personal ministry.
  2. Strengthening believers through the Good News churches, IMPART Pastors Fellowship, the Good News Training Center, and the Renner’s public ministry.
  3. Rescuing the hurting and lost through outreaches in the former USSR to the poor, the elderly, the homeless and destitute, orphans, widows, and ministers in financial need.

What is the primary purpose of the RENNER Ministries Tulsa office?

The primary purpose of the Tulsa office is to fulfill the vision God put on the hearts of Rick and Denise Renner to minister to and interact with their partners in the United States, to communicate the Renners’ messages via the printed page, and to support worldwide operations of all RENNER Ministries activities. The Tulsa office is also the home base for Rick and Denise’s ministerial travels in the U.S.

Are people available in your U.S. office to pray for individuals’ needs?

Yes, our Partner Care team is delighted to pray for anyone who calls RENNER Ministries for prayer. Ministering to people is the aim of the Tulsa office, especially to our precious partners who stand so faithfully by the Renners’ ministry. You can reach our Partner Care department Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST at 800-742-5593 — or by email anytime at

How many employees work worldwide for RENNER Ministries?

At the present time, 172 employees work full-time in offices of this ministry in Tulsa, Moscow, Kiev, and Oxford, England.

When is the anticipated move-in date for the new MGNC building?

Our projected move-in time is spring of 2014. Reconstruction is moving forward very quickly, and we covet your prayers for the finances to ensure this project remains on schedule.

Does your church and ministry experience much persecution in Russia?

None whatsoever. Churches and ministries in Russia enjoy greater freedom than they have in almost 100 years. Organizations that comply with the government’s criteria for registration and operation enjoy a great deal of liberty — and many, including the Moscow Good News Church, enjoy a favorable working relationship with the government offices in charge of social programs and charitable works in this country.

How many churches have the Renners pioneered to date?

Rick and Denise Renner have personally launched three churches in each of three different countries in the former Soviet Union: the Riga Good New Church in Latvia (now Good News Christian Center); the Moscow Good News Church in Russia; and the Kiev Good News Church in Ukraine. However, they have assisted on many different levels of involvement in starting churches across the former USSR.

How many people attend the Moscow Good News Church?

Weekly, approximately 2,200 people attend MGNC, although there are actually 3,700 different regular attendees who attend services monthly at the church.

How many children and youth attend your church?

Approximately 600 children, teenagers, and youth attend MGNC each week.

How many services do you hold each week to accommodate your congregation?

Each week from Saturday evening until Monday evening, six services are conducted to accommodate the precious people who make up this thriving multicultural congregation. Due to the fact that our present, rented auditorium seats only 600 adults, multiple services are required to accommodate people each weekend.

Does your church hold home-group meetings?

Yes, MGNC has many established home groups, each one designed to minister to church members at the level of their unique, individual needs at their various stations and seasons of life. For example, we have home groups for single adults, young couples, older couples, internationals, and for those recovering from some kind of traumatic event in life, such as divorce or the death of a spouse or child. At present, there are 150 home groups that meet weekly, which are faithfully attended by approximately 1,500 adults. MGNC does not have a midweek service, so home groups are vital to this thriving congregation.

What about ministry to the elderly? I heard you have a large outreach just for them.

MGNC ministers in two services on a rotating basis each Monday to up to 1,000 senior citizens in Moscow — more than 4,000 elderly men and women per month. Many of them travel great distances by Moscow’s public transportation system just to attend these special Golden Age meetings. An outgrowth of the Vitamin Club ministry begun by Rick Renner and RENNER Ministries, the Golden Age congregation now has its own choir and ushers — and even in their “golden years” are viewed as some of the most lively, passionate believers in the entire church!  From time to time, MGNC hosts special meetings for the elderly in Moscow, which have been attended by up to 16,000 people per event.

Do you invite guest ministers to come to your church?

A part of the spiritual growth and development of any congregation occurs as a result of receiving ministry from all the fivefold ministry gifts that are listed in Ephesians 4:11. In fact, as Rick and Denise prayed about the year 2013, they sensed that it would be “A Year of Great Spiritual Growth” for the MGNC congregation. In response, the Renners have invited eight special speakers to minister to their congregation at various times throughout 2013.

On an annual basis, how many people make decisions for Christ in your church?

In 2012, 943 decisions for Christ were recorded among the adults who attended church services at MGNC. That figure doesn’t include the decisions that were made as a result of the church’s many outreaches to the homeless, institutionalized, and homebound in Moscow and surrounding areas.

I plan to visit Moscow soon. Can you tell me how to get to your church?

Please contact Maxim Mysanikov, Rick Renner’s personal assistant, for information about how to get to the Moscow Good News Church. Maxim’s email address is:

How many churches are members of the IMPART Pastors Fellowship (formerly called the Good News Association of Pastors and Churches)?

Today more than 700 churches participate in various levels of the IMPART Pastor’s Fellowship.

How many people attend these Fellowship churches?

Approximately 100,000 people in the former USSR and beyond attend the churches involved in the IMPART Fellowship.

On average, how many people attend the Good News Training Center each school year?

More than 600 students have attended/graduated from the Good News Training Center.

About Partnership

What is a “partner” of RENNER Ministries?

A Renner Ministries partner is someone who has committed to helping this ministry fulfill its God-given vision through prayer and financial support. Although regular donations are appreciated, financial commitment doesn’t in any way require a monthly offering or a minimum offering amount. But partnership with RENNER Ministries does entail giving to the ministry and praying for us as the individual partner feels led to do so.

How does someone become a partner with this ministry?

Individuals can call the ministry at 1-800-RICK-593 (1-800-742-5593) and ask to become a partner, or they can fill out the online partner form below.

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