Internet Site to Serve Russian Speakers Worldwide

On October 10, 2012, RENNER Ministries launched its new Russian Internet portal, Amen Café. “This is the single largest technological development we have worked on in many years,” said Rick Renner. “We expect it to be a great success because it will meet a tremendous need among Russian-speaking Christians worldwide.”

Featured Russian-language content on Amen Café includes daily news, interviews, television programming, and downloadable books and music, as well as special material targeting men, women, seniors, youth, and pastors. The portal also provides a venue for Bible teachers all over the world to lend their gifts and biblical counsel to readers in order to equip them with the wisdom and knowledge they need to navigate life in the 21st century.

Amen Café was developed by the Media Mir team under the oversight of the Moscow RENNER Ministries leadership team. Since the week it was launched, Amen Café has averaged 3,000 visitors coming to the site every day — and that number is growing. Offering a wide range of topics with a host of featured articles, Amen Café is being updated daily, with new topics and articles continually being added to keep the site fresh and current.

The purpose of this free resource is to provide viewers with categories of information that match their personal needs and interests. This enables this ministry to answer questions and address situations people face every day from a Christian point of view. Topic categories on this “super-portal” include: Relationships, Children, Travel, Church Locator, Audio and Video Resources, Interviews, News, Bible, Finances, and Health.

Please click on the video below to hear Rick talk more about this important outreach.

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